Bus HVAC Systems

Efficient, reliable HVAC systems for coach and transit applications.

Bus HVAC Solutions

Next Generation | TE Series All-Electric Bus HVAC

Learn more about the Next Generation All-Electric HVAC unit. Reduce power consumption, enhance...

All-Electric Bus HVAC Solutions

Thermo King offers a complete range of all-electric bus HVAC systems for standard diesel-driven...

IntelligAIRE® III

The Thermo King IntelligAIRE III® is a 3rd generation advanced microprocessor-based controller for...

RLF Series

Integrated rooftop bus HVAC system for coach and transit applications. Replaces existing roof-mount...

Athenia AM II Series

A complete range of low-weight, high-performance roofmount HVAC systems for coach and transit...


The most reliable HVAC system for transit applications is now better than ever. Offering unmatched...

Person on a bus with a mask benefiting from Thermo King's Air Purification Solution

Thermo King Air Purification Solution

Bus mass transit riders and employees spend a significant amount of time in transit to and from various daily activities. They need to feel confident that the indoor air quality (IAQ) does not pose a harmful risk to their health. As a demonstrated leader and partner in the bus industry, we understand that many strategies can be used to improve IAQ and mitigate negative effects. That's why we are leading testing efforts, based on ASHRAE and CDC guidelines, to address airborne health risks and ensure passenger saftey. 

Review the testing results to learn how Thermo King can offer the highest quality active air purification and filtration soltuions. 

Photo showing a passengers enjoying a bus that is using Thermo King Air Filters

Air Filters for Bus HVAC Applications

In today’s environment, transportation agencies are increasingly focused on reducing the risk posed by pollutants and airborne contaminants to deliver the safest environments for their customers. Thermo King’s return air filters provide the maximum protection for both riders and the HVAC equipment.

Photo showing a Bus with a solar panel

ThermoLite® Solar Panels

The perfect solution for preventing costly battery issues on transit and coach buses.


Your Ally to Building Confidence in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

It's important to consider creating healthy indoor spaces that are good for people as well as efficient spaces that are better for the planet. Today, we’re managing for better environments, Tomorrow, a healthier planet for all.

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