Thermo King Air Purification System for Buses

Thermo King Air Purification Solution Product

Helps keep transit riders and employees safer and feel more comfortable.

The Thermo King Air Purification Solution is a fully contained system located within the existing bus HVAC unit. As air is circulated from the passenger cabin into the HVAC system, it passes through a graphene-enhanced PCO device.

Product Features

  • 2 piece system:
    •  MERV 7 pre-filter
    • GPCO purification device
  • Modular design allows for installation flexibility 
  • Easy access maintenance switch
  • HMI controller integration - Device activation with bus ignition
  • Optional status light available
  • Zero additional maintenance

  • 98% effective in viral inactivation within 20 minutes of operation
  • In-duct solution keeps hardware out of the passenger compartment
  • UV-A light is safer for human interaction than UV-C light, which is used in other active solutions
  • Removes odor-causing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air 

How it works

Air passes through a panel system of UV-A LED lights shining on graphene-enhanced catalysts, creating a chemical reaction that attacks viral particles and bacteria, inactivating them and removing them from the air.

The Thermo King Air Purification Solution is a fully contained system located within the existing bus HVAC unit. As air is circulated from the passenger cabin into the HVAC system, it passes through a graphene-enhanced.

picture of the location of thermo king's air purification solution (back of the bus)

Creating a safer, more pleasant riding experience

The Thermo King Air Purification Solution is fully contained within the bus’s HVAC area and does not increase the sound level significantly, keeping the cabin area quiet. The system uses UV-A LED lights which are not only the safest form of ultra violet light, but also more durable and longer-lasting than mercury vapor bulbs.

Our testing has shown that not only is our active solution effective against viruses, it can also remove bacteria and other VOCs from the cabin area (including formaldehyde). High concentrations of formaldehyde can be harmful and unpleasant to riders. Our GPCO solution has demonstrated strong efficacy in the oxidation and removal of formaldehyde from the passenger space at rates that far exceeded any other comparable technology.

Thermo King Air Purification Solution is CARB Certified

Improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within a bus is important to help transit riders and drivers feel safer while using public transportation. That is why we developed the Thermo King Air Purification Solution and it earned certification through CARB as an approved electronic air cleaner. 

Photocatalytic oxidation (GPCO) device neutralizing harmful viral and bacterial elements. The cleaned air is then supplied back into the cabin area, where it forces contaminated air to be circulated back through the bus’s HVAC system for further cleaning.


Proven Effectiveness

In order to provide you with the best solution possible, Thermo King has studied multiple technologies and their effectiveness in a transit bus environment. We offer an air purification solution that inactivates viruses and other pathogens in the air at a far greater rate than other comparable technologies and have validated our solution through independent third-party testing.

When combined with a MERV 7 pre-filter, our active solution has been proven to be 98% effective against in air viruses within 20 minutes of when the device is turned on, offering one of the most effective active solutions within the high air flow restrictions of a transit bus HVAC system.

Restoring Confidence to Increase Ridership

Keeping you safer from the things you can't see.

Improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) within a bus is the first step to creating a safer and inviting environment for your passengers. Thermo King’s air quality solution uses an active purification technology to inactivate viruses* and other microbes in the air and remove harmful chemicals to provide a safer and more pleasant rider experience in transit buses.


Research behind our solution and different technologies available

Through independent, third-party testing, following CDC and ASHRAE guidance, combined with our expertise in air flow, we tested a variety of air purification technologies. Learn which technologies perform best in a bus environment.


Your Ally to Building Confidence in Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Through the Trane Technologies Center for Healthy & Efficient Spaces, we collaborate with leading experts to advance IEQ policy, strategies, and solutions. This includes the area of public transit.


Looking to Improve Indoor Air Quality for your Building?

Explore IAQ solutions and receive a customized recommendation for your unique building needs from a dedicated Trane expert.

*Outcome based on testing using MS2 Bacteriophage, a common surrogate for SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

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