Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

Reduce idling and increase driver comfort with Thermo King’s TriPac APUs, available in diesel or electric models.


Thermo King's TriPac Evolution auxiliary power unit delivers substantial cost savings and superior...


We're proud to introduce a clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit (APU) that not only...

"Long Haul Trucking has always worked to make sure our drivers have the comforts of home, at least as many as we can get in a truck, which is why we choose TriPac units for our trucks."

- Jason Michels, Long Haul Trucking Vice President

Efficient Airflow in the Sleeper Area Means Driver Comfort

From eliminating backflow to reducing lost airflow, TriPac APU's offer a variety of benefits to help improve driver comfort. Learn more about the benefits Thermo King's TriPac APU can provide.

Why do you need an APU?

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) offer increased driver comfort, greater fuel savings, better driver recruitment/retention, idle reduction, lowered maintenance costs and higher tractor residual values. Thermo King is the global APU leader and offers the choice of the diesel TriPac® Evolution or the all-electric TriPac® EnvidiaTM. One is sure to be the right choice for your business!

Illustration showing a person in bed with the word "Comfort" and the number "93%".

of drivers are more satisfied when operating a truck with an APU.

Illustration showing a wrench and screwdriver with the word "Maintenance" and the number "75%"

of tractor downtime is attributed to emissions systems maintenance.

Illustration showing a fuel gauge with the word "Fuel" and the number "85%"

reduction of fuel used during idling.

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Unmatched Support

There are many APUs out there, but only the TriPac Evolution and Envidia have the support of the nationwide Thermo King dealer network: Expert installation Factory-certified technicians Genuine OEM parts Nearly 200 locations across North America

Which APU is right for you?

How did you score?

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Score 2 or 3?

TriPac Evolution Is For You!

The industry-leading diesel APU is the best choice for your business.
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Score all 3?

TriPac Envidia Is For You!

The electric APU with the longest runtime is the best choice for your business.

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APU Payback Calculator

How quickly will an APU pay for itself and start saving you real money? Use this simple calculator to find out!

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2000-Hour Maintenance Interval

TriPac Evolution was designed with an unequaled 2000-hour maintenance interval, allowing maintenance to be performed every other time that maintenance is performed on the tractor, saving time and eliminating additional downtime for APU maintenance.