February 21, 2024

Fuel tax reporting made easy with TriPac APU


TracKing® telematics takes away the guesswork, puts money back in fleets’ pockets

With fuel taxes varying between countries, states, counties, cities and more, it is tough enough to keep track of the credits for which your auxiliary power units (APUs) may qualify, much less the actual fuel burned by each unit in those various locations. Thermo King’s newly released 3rd generation TriPac APU with TracKing telematics helps alleviate the burden.

The first and only APU on the market to come with telematics as standard, the 3rd generation TriPac APU automates fuel usage and locations for you. With a push of a button, you get the data reports you need to get the fuel tax credits you deserve back in your pocket.

“Previously, customers would have to manually keep track of fuel purchased and locations traveled to take advantage of fuel tax credits for their APUs. This of course comes with risks of error. As a result, companies often underreport fuel usage to be safe or don’t report at all to avoid the chance of audit,” said Adam Jaberi, strategic account digital sales manager for Thermo King North America. “TracKing telematics provides the data that enables customers to maximize their fuel credits – and it’s all at their fingertips.”

TracKing APU telematics allows fleets to pull reporting that shows unit runtime in each state, in various views including weekly, monthly, or annually. This can be reported for fuel tax reimbursement by location.

And the dollars add up quickly. For each gallon of diesel fuel, approximately 60 – 70 cents* goes towards federal, state and local taxes -- primarily used to fund highway maintenance. APUs are generally exempt from those taxes as the product falls into the off-road category.**

Complimentary telematics for the first two years

Fleets will save even more money with the 3rd generation TriPac APU because the telematics service is free for all units beginning in January 2024. Simply activate TracKing telematics, and the data will be available at no charge for two full years.***

Learn more about the 3rd generation TriPac APU with telematics and the many benefits it offers.

*Total amount depends on actual federal, state, city and other local taxes that may be applicable depending on location. Learn more at

**Learn more at

***After two years, fleets can decide if they want to continue with a paid TracKing telematics service subscription.

Adam Jaberi is the strategic account digital sales manager for Thermo King North America, a division of Trane Technologies.

About Adam

Adam Jaberi is the strategic account digital sales manager for Thermo King North America, a division of Trane Technologies.

In this role, he leverages his deep understanding of customer pain points and helps solve them with our digital offerings to provide best-in-class customer results. With over 10 years of diverse experience in the transportation industry, Adam has a track record of navigating complex transportation challenges and delivering innovative solutions that optimize performance, minimize costs and improve customer satisfaction. 

In his previous role as intermodal senior manager of operations support at C.R. England, he developed and implemented robust systems and processes to track fuel consumption and temperature variances more accurately. By leveraging telematics solutions, he facilitated the fleet-wide implementation of advanced tracking and monitoring technologies, enhancing operational visibility and efficiency. 

Adam is passionate about driving operational excellence and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.