24/7 Remote Fleet Monitoring Concierge Service

When transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, remote monitoring isn't enough. Our Remote Operating Center (ROC) combines 24/7 remote fleet monitoring, hands-on guided response and a cutting-edge algorithm that can predict failures before they occur. More than 90% of the time, reefer failures follow these predictions if no action is taken.

Real-time support from monitoring through resolution

Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) alarms can mean many different things. Some issues can wait, while others need immediate attention. 

Thermo King’s Remote Operating Center is a continuum solution that combines advanced technology with technical support from our team of experts to diagnose alarms, assign criticality and implement a prescribed action plan.

This innovative approach effectively guides fleet managers and drivers through a rapid and comprehensive response and resolution process. 

Maintaining TRU fleet uptime is critical to avoiding lost loads and revenue.

As a cold-chain technology, the Remote Operating Center helps improve sustainability by assisting in reducing in-transit food spoilage.

The ROC Difference

Technology is a developing tool for the transportation industry. Yet, we still need human skillsets. Thermo King’s Remote Operating Center brings the two seamlessly together, featuring:

24/7 professional monitoring

24/7 professional monitoring

smart routing

Smart routing

warranty coverage for predicted failures

Warranty coverage for predicted failures

Get on-the-road support for transport refrigeration units

truck driver touch digital display

24/7 Real-time, remote monitoring

Enabled by TracKing® Pro telematics and executed directly by Thermo King professionals.

Predictive analytics

Our revolutionary algorithm can predict many of the most common TRU failures days or weeks before they occur. You’ll have time to make repairs before the next load.

Algorithms can detect:

  • Charging system faults
  • Low refrigeration capacity
  • Fuel system failures
  • Diesel engine failures

Two-way enhanced communication and notifications

The ROC team contacts you when an alarm requires action and tells you what to do next.

Best-practices responses

We prescribe reactions to every alarm, documenting them in a database.

Remote diagnosis and remediation

When possible, we’ll take corrective actions remotely, or guide drivers through DIY repair steps.

Smart routing

When a TRU urgently needs a technician’s attention, smart routing saves time by directing the driver to the closest dealership that has the time, parts and qualified labor available to complete the work. With over 180 authorized service locations, 500 mobile trucks and 1,000 skilled technicians, Thermo King has multiple options. We’ll recommend the best choice based on both proximity and current capacity to complete the work.

Corrective actions

At the dealership, diagnostics and repairs are performed by Thermo King certified technicians.

Data records

See weekly/monthly fleet reports and access more detailed records via TracKing telematics.  Events are fully tracked and documented, so you can fulfill customers’ reporting requirements easier and use the information as your guide to optimize fleet operations.

Being able to customize alarm notifications, incorporate geofences and points of interest, and with enhanced notifications that tell us exactly what to do in each situation has really allowed us to focus on the rest of our operations.

During the pilot period of using Thermo King's ROC 24/7 Fleet Monitoring Service, the predictive analytics has proven to identify and predict failures before they occur. We feel like it has saved us multiple unplanned events and possible load loss. We definitely see value in the ROC and predictive analytics.

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Think strategically: See how the Remote Operating Center can support your business success

ROC provides on-the-road TRU support that helps prevent costly product losses and delivery delays.

Ensure safe, on-time delivery

Customers entrust you with a lot of responsibility when they place valuable cargo in your care. Yet, most on-the-road monitoring programs don’t cover the refrigeration unit. Our Remote Operating Center provides end-to-end reassurances for TRUs. From early detection through prompt resolution and complete reporting, ROC provides on-the-road TRU support that helps prevent costly product losses and delivery delays.

Add an extra measure of driver support

In today’s competitive labor market, going the extra mile to attract and retain good drivers is one of the smartest business decisions you can make. The combination of predictive analytics, remote resolution and smart routing means you can help drivers experience fewer breakdowns, shorter delays and more time at home.

Renew your confidence in older TRUs

Squeeze more ROI out of the units you own. Our predictive algorithm can help mitigate the risks of keeping older units on the road. Advance notifications help provide the lead time and diagnostics to proactively repair units, instead of retiring them. You can help mitigate costs and interruptions caused by unplanned downtime and emergency service, while buying more time to phase-in newer units as your budget allows.

Build on the technology you have in place

Leverage the technology foundation you have established with TracKing® Pro telematics to seamlessly integrate with the ROC.  Our connected technology  opens the door to the action-oriented capabilities of the Remote Operating Center.

Detailed data provides insight into how equipment is being used and tracks the number and type of issues that have occurred within a certain timeframe. You’ll be able to see patterns and trends and use the data as a guide to optimize TRU fleet operations.

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