Electric Transport Solutions

Thermo King® offers a variety of temperature-controlled transport solutions to help you achieve your decarbonization goals. Let us meet you where you are on your sustainability journey.

evolve™ Electric Portfolio

A brand representing our electric transport refrigeration solutions for truck, trailer, bus, rail and marine applications

Electric Transport Solutions



A fully electric refrigeration unit for small and medium-size vans and trucks to put sustainability at the heart of your operation.
e300 electric transport refrigeration unit for Class 2-4 trucks


A fully electric transport refrigeration unit with zero emissions for Class 2-4 trucks.


A fully electric engineless transport refrigeration unit with zero emissions for Class 5-7 trucks.

TriPac Envidia® APU

Clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit that not only saves fuel, but delivers unmatched driver comfort.
Next Generation TE-Series

Next Generation TE-Series

An all-electric bus HVAC system with the ability to lighten the load on the batteries.

Precedent S-750i

A diesel-electric unit designed for transport fleets, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies seeking solutions that are more efficient on electric power.

We’re working to create a better planet for all.

As a global climate innovator, we’re dedicated to transforming tomorrow, today through bold ambition and decisive action.

Eligible Thermo King Units e200 and e1000

CARB Approves e200 and e1000 for Voucher Incentive Project (CORE)

CORE is a $125 million project, which is funded by California Climate Investments and intended to encourage California off-road equipment users to purchase or lease currently commercialized zero-emission off-road equipment. This streamlined voucher incentive project helps offset the higher cost of zero-emission technology with a point-of-sale discount.

Take Advantage of Electric Reefer Rebates and Incentives

Nationally and at the state level, investments are being made to help businesses offset the cost of purchasing zero-emissions equipment. For example, in California, the e1000 is the only qualifying TRU for Class 5 – 7 trucks for the Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project (CORE), which can help offset the e1000 reefer purchase price by up to 40%. The list below provides information on current grants, rebates, tax credits and vouchers available to help make your refrigerated fleet transition to electrification more affordable.


Products in the evolve portfolio can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Thermo King’s zero-emissions product offerings, align with Trane Technologies 2030 Sustainability Commitments to reduce customer greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons.


Trailer Electrification

Learn the barriers and future solutions to Battery Electric TRU (BETRU) adoption and what fleets can expect.

Decarbonizing Your Fleet With Innovative TRUs

Decarbonizing Your Fleet With Innovative TRUs

Download The Fleet Decarbonization eBook

By leveraging advancements in transport refrigeration unit (TRU) technologies, fleet managers can reduce transport- and storage-related emissions, while assuring adequate cargo cooling.

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