e1000 Fully Electric Refrigeration System

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Thermo King is excited to bring a truly innovative and transformative product into the market.

Introducing the e1000, an all-electric transport refrigeration unit with zero emissions. The e1000 is powered from a direct DC connection with the vehicle chassis. Thermo King has partnered with different manufacturers to ensure vehicle compatibility along with the most efficient direct DC electric Power Take Off connection possible.

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Full-electric single-temp unit design:

  • Flexible electric power takeoff (ePTO) integration allowing for connection with electric chassis system
  • Capacity to support box sizes from 16 to 28 ft with fresh and frozen setpoints in all climates
  • 200lbs lighter weight than diesel equivalents


New HMI design offers improved user experience:

  • Easy-to-use interface with graphic color screen
  • Improved alarm and maintenance reminders

Telematics as a standard feature:

  • Pull data insights and energy consumption reports
  • Over-the-air updates


Fully Electric with no diesel engine to maintain:

  • Variable speed compressor and fans
  •  Reduced noise and vibration for increased efficiency
  • Use of R-452A refrigerant with a lower GWP value
  • New control system for improved efficiency
  • e1000 can be operational when the vehicle is running or charging with the ability to request power when the vehicle is off


The e1000 is designed for use with Class 5-7 vehicles and offers the capacity and performance you need with the electrical efficiency you require for a variety of cargo box sizes.

The e1000 is designed for use with Class 5-7 vehicles and offers the capacity and performance you need with the electrical efficiency you require for a variety of cargo box sizes

Eligible Thermo King Units e200 and e1000

CARB Approves e200 and e1000 for Voucher Incentive Project (CORE)

CORE is a $125 million project, which is funded by California Climate Investments and intended to encourage California off-road equipment users to purchase or lease currently commercialized zero-emission off-road equipment. This streamlined voucher incentive project helps offset the higher cost of zero-emission technology with a point-of-sale discount.

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Learn about evolve™

A new brand representing our all-electric product line for the truck, trailer, bus, rail, and marine markets.


Sustainability is the answer

We’re committed to reducing one gigaton of carbon emissions (CO2e) from our customers’ footprint by 2030 through our Gigaton Challenge. This is the largest customer climate commitment made by any B2B company, and could equate to 2% of the world’s annual emissions.

Thermo King’s zero-emissions product offerings in the evolve portfolio, align with Trane Technologies 2030 Sustainability Commitment

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