e1000 All-Electric Reefer Unit for Class 5 – 7 Trucks

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Part of the Thermo King evolve™ portfolio

When you’re working toward electrification and decarbonization goals, Thermo King’s e1000 is a large capacity reefer that meets regulations for zero emissions, including CARB, while providing reliable refrigeration for food and other temperature sensitive goods during distribution. It’s a solution that makes sustainability attainable for your refrigerated fleet.

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Reliability comes first

Double-down on sustainability by eliminating TRU carbon emissions and minimizing food waste in the cold chain. e1000 matches the performance of equivalent capacity diesel reefers. It supports truck box sizes from 16 – 28 ft., with fresh and frozen setpoints, similar to Thermo King T-1090 units. With telematics hardware that comes standard, you can maintain tight quality control by monitoring TRU temperature from anywhere.

Get everything you need in a sustainable, reliable, all-electric transport refrigeration unit

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Standard 4-year comprehensive warranty*

*Contact your local Thermo King dealer for warranty details.

Sustainability at the forefront

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Creating Options for Efficiency

  • Single-temperature unit design provides flexible electric power takeoff (ePTO) integration for connection with electric chassis systems.
  • Lighter than equivalent diesel units.
  • Full vehicle and charging network compatibility.
  • Minimal impact on electric chassis range, with reliable cooling from one charge to the next.
  • Cooling continues as the vehicle battery is charging.
  • Shipped with TracKing® telematics hardware installed and ready to turn on.

Compelling Total Cost of Ownership

  • May qualify for Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) funding. (Potentially covering up to 40% of unit purchase price.)
  • May qualify for national and state funding earmarked for decarbonization/electrification.
  • No diesel fuel costs.
  • Reduced maintenance compared to diesel equivalents.

Electrify with Confidence

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Meet compliance timelines

Electrification timelines for transport refrigeration units (TRUs) have been defined in California and 14 other states, with initial compliance dates starting this year. Thermo King’s e1000 meets California Area Resources Board (CARB) regulations for zero emissions and rules for refrigerants. With availability in 2023, Thermo King is ready to help you start your transition to electric TRUs today.

Take advantage of rebates and incentives

Nationally and at the state level, investments are being made to help businesses offset the cost of purchasing zero-emissions equipment. For example, in California, the Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project (CORE) can help offset the e1000 purchase price by up to 40%. (e1000 is the only qualifying TRU for class 5 – 7 trucks.)

Choose a partner for the journey

Thermo King believes in decarbonization of the cold chain. We have committed to invest more than $100 million to deliver fully-electric products into every segment of the cold chain in the Americas by 2025. We are working closely with OEMs, dealers and drivers to help ensure transport decarbonization goes smoothly for everyone involved. As sustainability mandates evolve in the future, Thermo King will be your guide and ally. 


The e1000 is designed for use with Class 5-7 vehicles and offers the capacity and performance you need with the electrical efficiency you require for a variety of cargo box sizes.

The e1000 is designed for use with Class 5-7 vehicles and offers the capacity and performance you need with the electrical efficiency you require for a variety of cargo box sizes

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evolve™ Electric Portfolio

A brand representing our electric transport & refrigeration solutions for truck, trailer, bus, rail and marine applications.

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