Direct-Drive Units for Trucks and Vans

A complete line of refrigeration units for a wide variety of vehicle chassis and applications.


The B-100 is an all-electric small truck and van refrigeration unit ideally suited for fresh...

V-220 Series

The V-220 series is perfect for small insulated van applications.

V-320 Series

The V-320 series is perfect for small to medium insulated van applications and offers two heat...

V-520 Nosemount

The V-520 nosemount vehicle-powered refrigeration unit provides superior cooling performance for...

V-520 Rooftop

The V-520 rooftop vehicle-powered refrigeration unit is ideal for medium to large insulated vans...

V-800 Series

The V-800 series gives the highest capacity vehicle-powered refrigeration that Thermo King offers...

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Clean and Quiet Operation

The direct-drive line of units offer superior performance at lower noise levels in all operating conditions, particularly in steady state conditions. And because the units have no emissions, the CARB TRU Exemption saves you time and money by not having to register units or do expensive compliance upgrades. And SmartPower electric standby offers shore power for even cleaner and quieter operation.

Photo of a Thermo King unit on top of a truck.

Greater Efficiency

Thermo King’s direct drive units deliver lower fuel consumption and reduced running costs by optimizing performance according to the capacity demand, thereby reducing the fuel consumption of the truck.

Photo of Thermo King truck unit mounted.

The Right Choice

Delivering superior capacity and airflow, faster pull-down and the ability to haul fresh or frozen loads in single or multi-temp configurations, Thermo King’s line of direct drive units has the right solution for your business.

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Unmatched Service and Support

With nearly 200 locations across North America, the Thermo King dealer network gives you the support you need, whenever and wherever you are, with factory-trained expert service and genuine Thermo King parts.