Precedent® S-750i

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A proven choice in cold chain logistics

The S-750i is a diesel-electric unit designed for transport fleets, retailers, and pharmaceutical companies seeking solutions that are more efficient on electric power. This unit introduces cost savings, greater uptime, lower emissions, and another proven choice within the Precedent platform.



Utilizing the proven S-Series engine, the S-750i meets current and proposed CARB ULETRU emissions without the use of a DPF. Integrated shore power, embedded telematics with 12 months of service, and R452A refrigerant position this unit well for future regulatory changes.



An innovative, connected, and energy-efficient solution

The S-750i leverages many of the proven aspects of the Precedent platform and introduces new features with this new model:

  • First use of diesel-electric architecture with integrated shore power.
  • First use of 3-speed engine.
  • First use of next-generation control system.

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The enhanced operational efficiencies and sustainability performance benefits fleets transporting long haul or inner city. The S-750i represents the future of trailer refrigeration by running more efficiently on shore power, making it an ideal investment for ensuring long-term business success.

Benefits of the Precedent S-750i

  • Reduced shore power operating costs with integrated electrically driven Thermo King scroll compressor.
  • Reduced engine run hours and engine maintenance due to quicker pull down and recovery from null and intelligent use of 3 available engine speeds.
  • Confidence to pick up any load at any dock with the industry's deepest frozen unit capacity.
  • Integrated and enabled telematics with 12 months of TracKing service* at no charge

*One year of service at 15-minute reporting interval when unit is on and 60-minute reporting interval when unit is off, including two-way control functionality. Additional charges may apply.

  • A new controller and HMI designed for ease of use and convenience that features a full-color, high-resolution display and: 
    • Our fastest ever boot time. 
    • Highly durable casing—fully submersible, dustproof, and resistant to shocks. Comes with a comprehensive IP69K rating .
    • Fuel insight—including consumption level and remaining fuel (if optional sensor fitted). 
    • Proactive alarms—which display alarm codes and recommended "next best action." 
    • Data logging—with over 1-year capacity. 
    • Memory storage—including 14 different language options.


Precedent S-750i shorepower

Benefits of Shore Power operation

  • Increased efficiency—4x more efficient than diesel.
  • Environmental impact—fewer emissions than diesel.
  • Quieter operation—at least 3 decibels quieter than diesel motor operation.
  • Less maintenance—reduces engine hour operation.
  • Longer TRU life—with less diesel operation, engine maintenance time frames are extended.


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Use telematics to increase your profitability

Telematics data is all about helping your fleet be more responsive. Knowing immediately when an issue occurs makes you more effective in how you respond—keeping your deliveries on time and avoiding load loss.

It also helps monitor temperature, offers rapid alarm detection and security alerts when the doors are opened, and detects fuel loss.

With ConnectedSuite™ telematics, you have the information you need at your fingertips. Every S-750i unit comes equipped to deliver the data you need, and does so for the first 12 months of ownership with no service charge.


Sustainability is the answer

We’re committed to reducing one gigaton of carbon emissions (CO2e) from our customers’ footprint by 2030 through our Gigaton Challenge. This is the largest customer climate commitment made by any B2B company, and could equate to 2% of the world’s annual emissions.

Thermo King’s zero-emissions product offerings in the evolve portfolio, align with Trane Technologies 2030 Sustainability Commitment

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S-750i System Performance


(System net cooling capacity at 100°F ambient and high-speed engine operation)

Diesel HS Capacity Electric Shore Power Capacity
BTU/hr BTU/hr
35°F/100°F 68,000 64,000
0°F/100°F 43,000 40,000
-20°F/100°F 26,500 25,500

Heating Capacity: System net heating capacity at 35/0°F ambient BTU/hr
Diesel 36,000
Electric 25,000
Evaporator Airflow CFM
High Speed 3,300
Low Speed 2,000
Shore power 3,350
Engine: four cylinder, direct injection, liquid cooled
Model TK488CR1
RPM at High Speed 2,050
RPM at Medium Speed 1,810
RPM at Low Speed 1,250
HP Rating at 2,050 RPM 33 HP
Maintenance Interval 3,000 hrs/4,000 hrs
Thermo King Scroll Compressor
Model TKSR151
Displacement 9.4 in3 or 153 cc/rev
Refrigerant: (Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), internationally approved) R452A
Charge 16 lbs
Weight (wet with battery)
System 2,200 lbs

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