Telematics for your fleet

Monitor and control your truck or trailer refrigeration units for temperature traceability and FSMA compliance from anywhere in real-time

Telematics Solutions

ConnectedSuite™ Asset Connectivity

Thermo King's ConnectedSuite platform is designed to deliver all the information you need to succeed.

ConnectedSuite puts your data to work giving you the ability to track and trace individual deliveries across your fleet. You’ll be able to demonstrate temperature levels, meet regulatory requirements, and respond instantly to new challenges.


Temperature tracking solution for direct-drive truck and non-Thermo King Refrigerated Units

TempuTrak is a temperature management solution for direct-drive truck and non-Thermo King refrigerated units. It uses GPS-based telematics to provide real-time temperature monitoring— helping you keep track of your refrigerated assets and perishable cargo with enhanced reliability.


  • Small Truck
  • Van

Product features

  • Stand-alone tracking device
  • Real-time temperature sensing
  • Door openings monitoring
  • Time and location tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Online access 24/7
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Boosts fleet performance

Boosts fleet performance

  • Prevents cargo loss from spoiled goods, eliminating time spent resolving cargo loss or quality issues with the customer
  • Dramatically improves fleet visibility by keeping you aware of each truck or trailer’s location
  • Helps you improve and maintain high cargo safety standards
  • Helps you plan deliveries and notify customers of arrival times

Competitive advantages

  • Cost-competitive: TempuTrak offers a flexible, high-performance solution at a competitive price.
  • High visibility: TempuTrak enables drivers, fleet managers and customers to proactively monitor the load in real time using the online portal, alarms or reports.
  • Flexible online monitoring: use the TracKing website.


Trailer management solution for non-refrigerated trailers

TrailerTrak is the trailer management solution for non-refrigerated trailers. TrailerTrak is a GPS-based trailer management solution providing customers with real-time and historical trailer status information. It works both when the trailer is tethered and untethered, to improve asset utilization.

Product Features

  • Real-time trailer tracking - location, speed and distance traveled
  • Automatic notifications of trailer entry, exit and movement in geofences
  • Customized and scheduled reports
  • Designed for harsh environments to ensure long-lasting operation
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Easily programmable over-the-air software with no disruptions to operations
  • TrailerTrak boosts fleet performance

TrailerTrak boosts fleet performance

  • Dramatically improves fleet visibility by keeping you aware of each trailer’s location
  • Helps you improve and maintain high cargo safety standards
  • Helps you plan deliveries and notify customers of arrival times
  • Maximizes your chances of recovering lost or stolen trailers undamaged with their cargo intact
  • Reports exactly how long trailers are held at customer warehouses, so you can use that information to get higher priority during loading/unloading or negotiate higher prices for deliveries

Competitive advantages

  • Cost-competitive: TrailerTrak offers a flexible, high-performance solution at a competitive price.
  • Flexible online monitoring: use the TracKing website.

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TracKing Delivers Fleet Operations Benefits

Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

Maximize Uptime

Vehicle Uptime
Eliminate unscheduled breakdowns and improve maintenance.

Fuel Usage
Maintain visibility to ensure the most fuel-efficient mode is consistently used when running loads.

Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

Real-time telematics: Asset Connectivity

Every time a vehicle is off the road, it costs you money. Equally frustrating is the fact that the data is there to give you advance warning of any upcoming problem. Start monitoring usage and performance by using ConnectedSuite.

Reefer Monitoring System
Is your unit on? What’s the temperature set-point? Problems can emerge from even the most basic of reefer operations.

Load Condition
Keep an eye on the real temperature of individual loads in transit, rather than relying on the temperature setpoint, to guarantee quality of delivery.

Asset Location
Monitor the current location of your assets at any time to ensure a quick and effective response to any emerging issue.

Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

Compliance and Security

Temperature Compliance
Use temperature reports and graphs to prove that sensitive cargo was maintained at the desired temperature throughout every point in the journey.

Asset Security
With door sensor data available on the TracKing® platform, you can record all door openings to keep an eye on temperature and load security.

Cargo Traceability
Track shipment location and condition to know instantly when a delay occurs and to proactively manage exceptions.

Fleet Performance Dashboard

Thermo King TracKing Fleet Performance Dashboard

TracKing subscribers can simply analyze and monitor their refrigerated fleet performance by viewing dashboards highlighting unit operation at the fleet and vehicle group level, alarm summaries, and zone metrics.

Fleet Performance Dashboards provide summaries including:

  • Power status for fleets utilizing smart power options
  • Cycle sentry / continuous fleet mix to capture additional fuel savings
  • Zone metrics which allow multi-temp fleets to ensure DC compliance with fresh / frozen zone loading, cycle sentry / continuous procedures, and more

Readiness Score Dashboard

Thermo King TracKing Readiness Score Dashboard

The TracKing Readiness Score Dashboard provides you with a straightforward dashboard that easily summarizes telematics alarms, open campaigns, exclusive predictive alerts, and communication lapses so that you can be sure your fleet is ready to go.

Fuel and Maintenance Reporting

Thermo King Reefer Management - ConnectedSuite

TracKing gives you real-time visibility of your fleet fuel levels and a series of predefined reports that allow you to get a history of:

  • Your unit operations and alarm data to follow your equipment's performances and prevent unscheduled breakdowns.
  • Your reefer utilization to balance your fleet workload.
  • Your deliveries and journeys based on past positions, geofences, and points of interest.

All the standard reports can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly or monthly to multiple stakeholders. You can then share important information internally or with your customers automatically.

Data Sharing

Thermo King Reefer Management - ConnectedSuite

The TracKing® solution is a flexible system that can easily integrate data into any 3rd party website or back-end system.

The data integration via TracKing is straightforward and seamless.

Customer Testimonial

"You helped us solve a 3 month mystery of our missing trailers. If it wasn't for you and the TracKing technology, we may not have seen our brand new trailer ever again."

Tri Quach

General Manager, iHaul Freight Ltd

Go Mobile with the Thermo King Connect App

Get up-to-the-minute information on your refrigeration equipment through the Thermo King Connect app

Thermo King Reefer Management - ConnectedSuite

Thermo King Connect App

The Thermo King Connect app is your mobile source for all things Thermo King

App features include:

  • View the location of the Truck\Trailer refrigeration unit on a map
  • Send two-way commands
  • View and clear alarms
  • Connect to the reefer over Bluetooth
  • Receive Unit Event Notifications
  • Find and navigate to your closest Thermo King dealer for support and service
  • Access user guides, alarm code information, and manuals
  • Ability to activate and deactivate telematics devices

View refrigeration unit details for both single and multi-temp units including:

  • Set Point
  • Temperatures
  • Alarms
  • Door Status
  • Fuel Level

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