3rd Generation TriPac® APU: The Winning Difference

Thermo King TriPac: The APU drivers ask for by name.

The 3rd generation TriPac diesel APU provides the same comfort and performance customers expect from Thermo King but is now compatible with industry-leading TracKing® Telematics and includes new emission reduction technology. We have re-engineered several systems to deliver substantial improvements to long-term quality — reducing the total cost of ownership, as well as improving uptime. Plus, new controls offer a digital, color display giving drivers greater control over their comfort.

Providing a best-in-class 13,000 BTUs and plenty of capacity to power appliances and charge devices, the TriPac APU brings the comforts of home on the road.

Available in two models:

  1. Standard model: A 49-state EPA Tier 4 compliant solution for aftermarket installs
  2. Aftertreatment device model: A 50-state compliant solution for CARB and EPA Tier 4 compliant for new OEM or aftermarket installs

TriPac APU Features & Benefits

The new Thermo King TriPac APU now includes TracKing Telematics to keep your auxiliary power unit running smoothly

A TriPac First: TracKing® Telematics

Available for the first time as an option, TracKing® telematics provide line of sight to APU run hours and cabin temperatures and also automate fuel tax reporting. Plus, real-time alarm notifications and maintenance reminders keep TriPac running smoothly. Over-the-air software updates instantly download new capabilities and bug fixes. 

Increase driver comfort with ThermoKing TriPac APU and its intuitive in-cab controller

A More Human Interface

An enhanced color digital display, tactile push buttons and plain language readouts create one of the most intuitive in-cab controllers on the market. The digital HMI provides drivers greater control over driver comfort and APU operations with large cabin temperature readings, function icons and toggling menus.

The Thermo King 3rd Generation TriPac APU with aftertreatment device is 50 state compliant.

Enjoy 50-State Compliance with Reimagined Emission Reduction Technology

Choose the TriPac APU model with a passive aftertreatment device (ATD) that is a 50-state compliant solution for California Air Resource Board (CARB) and is EPA Tier 4 compliant for new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket installations. Elimination of the dash switch gives your drivers one less thing to worry about. Plus, new metal mesh technology provides fast regeneration — in as little as eight minutes. 

Enhanced APU performance and quality

Built-to-last quality

We doubled the standard warranty for major components to four years and extended the bumper-to-bumper coverage to two years.

*See warranty documentation for full details.

Lower TCO

We reduced the estimated total cost of ownership by 25% as compared to the prior model.

Service friendly components

We streamlined wire harnesses, connectors, fusing and routing to improve serviceability and reliability.

Why are auxiliary power units environmentally and cost friendly?

Pump Less Gas. Save More Cash.

The TriPac APU consumes approximately 75% less fuel per hour than idling the tractor engine. That’s about 2,500 gallons per year in fuel savings, or 10,000 gallons over the typical length of tractor ownership.

*Based on actual customer experiences. Individual results may vary.

Resell High. Resell Fast.

Retain more of your fleet’s resale value by offloading valuable engine hours to a TriPac APU.

Whether selling on your own, at auction or to a dealer, the TriPac APU helps you sell for more and sell faster.

Save your engine for the road, not the truck stop.

Achieve greater uptime and lower maintenance costs by preserving engine run time for the road. The Thermo King TriPac APU eliminates unnecessary engine idling, saving engine wear and reducing maintenance frequency.

ThermoLite solar panels can reduce TriPac engine run time by up to 30%

Add to Your ROI with ThermoLite® Solar Panels

ThermoLite solar panels produce clean energy and can reduce TriPac engine run time by up to 30% (as compared to the prior model). So, you save on fuel and APU wear and maintenance. Add available U.S. federal tax credits to the savings to earn back your investment in as fast as one year.

Thermo King TriPac APU offers a quick and effective way to reduce your fleet's carbon emissions

Add Your Chapter to the Climate Sustainability Story

Installing a TriPac APU on your fleet is a quick and effective way to reduce carbon emissions significantly. By eliminating rest stop idling, a TriPac APU reduces emissions in proportion to its approximate 75% lower fuel consumption rate. Add ThermoLite solar panels to reduce fossil fuel emissions even more. Calculating and sharing your climate contributions with your customers, drivers and various communities is simple with available TracKing telematics.

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TriPac Has Your Drivers’ Back with Over 200 Service Centers Nationwide

Help is never too far off the highway if your TriPac needs unplanned service. With over 200 factory authorized service centers nationwide, no other manufacturer supports an APU like Thermo King.

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