ThermoLite® Solar Panels

ThermoLite 110 watt solar panels

ThermoLite® Solar Panels

Harnessing the sustainable power of the sun for increased uptime and maximum ROI

ThermoLite solar panels can deliver clean, reliable performance in a wide variety of applications, resulting in longer battery life, reduced maintenance expense, increased uptime, decreased waste, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. ThermoLite solar panels can be an important part of a comprehensive sustainability program for your business while driving a strong ROI.

Three solar panel sizes for your application

ThermoLite 30 watt Solar Panels

ThermoLite 30W Solar Panels

  • ThermoLite solar panels are designed for direct reefer mounting on Thermo King or competitive equipment.
  • Battery tending for telematics and controller loads
ThermoLite 40 watt Solar Panels

ThermoLite 40W Solar Panels

  • Designed for Thermo King's Heat King® unit, tractors and straight truck battery tending
  • Flexible and adhesive backed for no-holes install
ThermoLite 110 watt Solar Panels

ThermoLite 110W Solar Panels

  • Designed for larger tractor, liftgate and other auxiliary power support
  • All-black option to blend in with your application
  • Allows for untethered liftgate recharging
  • Compatible for dry and reefer trailers
  • Flexible and adhesive backed for no-holes install

Benefits of ThermoLite® solar panels

From powering your APU to extending the battery life of your vehicle, ThermoLite® Solar Panels provide the power you need
  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • Greater uptime and asset utilization
  • Increased battery life while preventing battery failures
  • Fuel savings
  • Improved employee efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced visibility and connectivity of telematics equipment
  • Greater electrical component operating time
  • Reduced electrical component problems
  • Improved equipment operation
  • Smart three-stage charging that works in combination with the equipment electrical system
  • Industry leading efficient with more power utilizing less space
  • Mounting flexibility using adhesive and/or mechanical mounting
  • Smooth self-cleaning surface to maximize output
  • Green environmental savings
  • Nationwide dealer network knowledge and support

Superior Durability

  • Outstanding historical performance, operating on tens of thousands of vehicles around the world
  • Only automotive SAE-rated system on the market
  • Designed to withstand the toughest conditions
  • Waterproof connections
  • Heavily resistant to impact and abrasion with back connect solar cell technology
  • 20+ year expected output life
  • 5 year full system nationwide supported warranty

From Powering your APU to extending the battery life of your vehicle, ThermoLite® Solar Panels provide the power you need

Thermo King's ThermoLite® solar panels are the ideal solution for your solar needs. Use the Power Solutions configurator to find the best solution for your business application.

Increase the efficiency of your TriPac APU with ThermoLite solar panels

Increase APU efficiency with solar panels

Decrease APU runtime by up to 30%

Solar panels allow the APU to have healthier batteries, minimizing the engine runtime necessary and ultimately driving down fuel and maintenance expense for an outstanding ROI. ThermoLite solar panels help lower operational costs by reducing diesel APU run time by 20-30%, extending battery life to five+ years, and helping match APU and tractor preventive maintenance.

Support for tractors and electric APUs

Reduce costly downtime and support sustainability plans with  a ThermoLite solar charging system.  Solar power offers a host of benefits for tractors with an APU or utilizing electric APUs.  Solar improves the overall health of tractor and APU batteries, increasing electric component runtime and reducing the reliance on tractor charging and idling, saving fuel and maintenance expense.

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Claim your solar tax credit

Claim your solar tax credit

Recent legislation has extended the 30% solar investment tax credit (ITC). Claim it now for an even greater return on your investment. Download the flyer to learn more.

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Watch the video to learn about our ThermoLite solar charging system

ThermoLite solar charging system

Thermo King solar charging systems are designed to be a clean and efficient way to keep your battery charged and prevent costly road calls. Our patent-pending, automotive rated charge controller is accurately sized for your TRU which avoids overcharging or excess damage to your battery. 

Using solar power within your fleet can double the life of your battery. Tested under the harshest conditions including hurricane, hail and freezing temperatures – this panel is designed to last. Contact your local dealer to try a Thermo King solar charging system today.

Find the right solar panel solution for your business

ThermoLite solar panel powering a liftgate


Tired of failed liftgates? Dead liftgates lower your efficiency and raise your blood pressure. ThermoLite® solar panels power your liftgates with sunshine, a free, zero-emission electricity source that can brighten your bottom line.

Class 8 Tractor Solar panel

Class 8 Tractors

Get the power to rest easy. What keeps you up? With solar power, ThermoLite solar panels help lower operational costs by reducing fuel burn, extending battery life, and providing a multitude of other equipment benefits. Let solar give you the power to rest easy because tomorrow just might be another long haul.

ThermoLite Solar Panels for Transit

Transit & Buses

Jumpstart their future, not their school bus. Getting students to and from school safely every day is important for their education and their future. That’s why your buses are equipped with security systems, you replace batteries annually, and jump-start units monthly. There’s a better way to ensure your students get to class on time - one that reduces costly downtime supports sustainability plans and is easier on your maintenance crew and your budget.

 ThermoLite Solar Panels for Class 4-6 Delivery

Class 4-6 Delivery

Some delays you can’t control; others you can. There’s no way to control the traffic jams, closed roads and bad weather that might delay your delivery, but you can help ensure the optimal operation of your delivery van. ThermoLite solar panels use the latest technology to produce abundant power to greatly extend battery life, prevent costly jump starts and help reduce the cost of replacement batteries, fuel consumption, and delivery delays.

 ThermoLite Solar Panels for Off-Road Heavy Equipment

Off-Road Heavy Equipment

Reduce the need for jumpstarts and battery replacements for your off-road heavy duty equipment by utilizing ThermoLite solar panels. ThermoLite solar panels are the ideal solution for large and small construction, farm equipment, power rentals, and site works. Contact your local Thermo King dealer to find the right solar solution for your business.

ThermoLite solar panel powering a golf cart

Personal Utility Vehicles

An under-par score is impressive; an under-par golf cart isn’t. Don’t let an underperforming golf cart leave you stuck in a sand trap. ThermoLite solar panels can help improve the operation of your utility vehicle, increasing its daily range and greatly extending battery life. Less time needed for charging means you’ll have more time to work on perfecting that golf swing.