Heat King® Cargo Trailer Heating Unit

Heat King 450 cargo trailer heater for road and rail

Heat King® 450 Series: Dependable freeze protection for temperature-sensitive cargo

With 50,000 BTUs, the Heat King is the highest capacity transport heater available in the market today. Heat King delivers maximum uptime, ease of maintenance and long-term reliability with its heavy duty, rugged and simple design. Plus, it now comes standard with 24 months of TracKing® Telematics and solar.

Product Features

The Heat King 450 MAX utilizes an exhaust heat exchanger that extracts even more heat from the engine

Maximum Output & Performance

The Heat King 450 MAX utilizes an exhaust heat exchanger that extracts even more heat from the engine, allowing the unit to become 70% efficient in the transfer of energy from diesel fuel to heat. This design produces 33% more heat capacity and transfers heat more efficiently than the closest competitor product. 

  • Extra capacity available for longer thin-walled trailers
  • Powerful airflow circulates throughout the entire cargo
  • DOT-approved for transport of flammable liquids and gases
  • High and low speeds for optimal fuel economy
  • EPA Tier IV compliant

Integrated TracKing® Telematics

With ConnectedSuite™ telematics, you have the data you need to help keep deliveries on time and avoid load loss. Every Heat King unit comes factory-equipped with TracKing telematics and 24 months of no-cost service. Telematics offers:

  • Real-time asset connectivity: Track location, unit status, fuel level, load temperature and many more critical data points.
  • Compliance and security: Gain visibility to ensure temperature compliance, asset security and cargo traceability wherever your fleet is located.
  • Data sharing: Get seamless, straightforward integration into any third-party website or system.
  • Extensive reports: Access both custom and standard reporting options, allowing you to quickly get to the information needed to make business-critical decisions.

Heat King 450 MAX Solar Panel

Solar Benefits on a Heat King

A ThermoLite® 40W solar panel comes standard on all Heat King models to offer:

  • Increased battery life: Keeping batteries charged year-round will negate failure from extended periods of low charge levels and proliferation of sulfation.
  • Fuel savings: Reduce load on the engine with alternator working less and reduced cycle-sentry operation.
  • Extended component life: Run time is reduced, alternator offloading and reduced starter engagement
  • Improved employee efficiency: Cut time spent managing low battery alarms and battery breakdowns.
  • Optimized telematics: TracKing can operate 24/7 without risk of depleting the battery.

Integrated cycle-sentry feature ensures optimal fuel economy and the battery voltage monitor ensures batteries are charged

ThermoGuard® VII Controller

Integrated cycle-sentry feature ensures optimal fuel economy and the battery voltage monitor ensures that the batteries are charged.

  • Operational data and alarm codes automatically logged and downloadable via USB
  • Flash loadable programming and diagnostics through PC monitor USB interface
  • Optional status light
  • Compact design for mounting directly to or recessed into the trailer
  • Includes on/off switch, hour meter and display
  • Alarm codes easily accessed through TGVII display and PC monitor USB interface

Heat King trailer heaters can be installed on semi trailers or cargo rail units

An extensive portfolio for cold chain transportation

Our trailer portfolio is the culmination of decades of product innovations designed to help enhance fleet efficiencies. Whether you haul cargo that requires refrigeration or needs to be kept from freezing in cold weather, we have the solution for any application.

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