RLF Series

RLF Series Unit

Rooftop HVAC System for Coach and Transit

Integrated rooftop bus HVAC system for coach and transit applications. Replaces existing roof-mount units with a unit that weighs 42% less and replaces rear-mount units without sacrificing reliability, performance, weight or cost.

Standard Features

IntelligAIRE III® Control System

  • Expanded CAN communications capability
  • Plugs directly into J1939 network to make more info available
  • Eliminates the gateway module required between bus & unit controllers
  • Less weight due to elimination of harnesses
  • Increased number of I/O for system & component monitoring 
  • Eliminates need for expansion modules external to controller where multiple zones must be controlled independently
  • Programmable pre-heater function with real time clock activation to start pre-heat when system is off

HFC Refrigerant R-134a or R-407C

  • Environmentally safe alternative providing protection for the earth’s ozone layer

The Thermo King X430 Compressor 

  • Engineered exclusively for transport applications
  • Built for extended service life
  • Field repairable

Next Generation Brushless Motors 

  • Integral electronics
  • No external controllers
  • Maintenance free
  • Advanced diagnostics

RLF Series Unit front facing image

Optional Features

S391/S616 Screw Compressors

  • Exclusive oil management system for increased reliability
  • Fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors
  • Lower noise levels and vibration than reciprocating compressors
  • Programmable capacity control for fuel savings

Electronic Energy Management System

  • Provides fuel savings with X426, X430, and X640 reciprocating compressors
  • Programmable electronic capacity control reduces the parasitic load on the engine

System Cooling Capacity (Rated Capacities) R-134a R-407C
BTU/hr 88,500 105,000
kW 26 30.8
Kcal/hr 22,292 26,448
Rated capacities are at following conditions:
Outside 35°C/95°F
Inside 27°C/80°F DB         19°C/67°F WB
At 30 Lt./Min.(8 GPM) coolant flow rate and 55K (100°F) temperature differential between return air and coolant.
BTU/hr 105,000
kW 30.8
Kcal/hr 26,448
(0 in. water column external static pressure)
High Speed 2400 ft3/min
Medium Speed 1370 ft3/min
Low Speed 1000 ft3/min
HFC R-134a or HFC R-407C
102 Amps
500 lbs (227 kg)
S391 147 lbs (67 kg)
S616 171 lbs (77 kg)
X426/X430 115 lbs (52.2 kg)

Photo showing a Bus with a solar panel

ThermoLite® Solar Panels

The perfect solution for preventing costly battery issues on transit and coach buses.

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