T Series

T Series HVAC system for transit

The most reliable HVAC system for transit is now better than ever.

High performance and reliability for more than 30 years. T-Series: The HVAC design that changed an industry.

Product Features

Low life cycle costs 

Performance proven components provide long service life and minimum maintenance for low life cycle costs. 


Lightweight all-aluminum frame, blowers, coil headers, and compressor reduce bus stress and fuel consumption.

Easy to service 

Convenient service access to all major components. Simplified electrical troubleshooting with microprocessor controls. Removable access panels and a convenient rear window location provide easy access to unit components for repairs or maintenance. 

Same major components and options across platform.

T Series units have many of the same internal components in the electrical and refrigeration systems, assuring a readily available supply of parts and parts interchangeability to lower costs and minimize downtime.

Easy to install 

T Series units are easy to install and service because of the compact, one-piece design.

Proven dependability 

You know you’re getting a dependable, reliable bus air conditioning and heating system that can lower your operating and maintenance costs and keep your bus riders cool.

T-Series All-Electric HVAC Options

TEA Series

TE Series

For use on standard diesel engine-driven buses.

 For use on hybrid electric and all-electric buses. 




Standard Features


  • Multiple zones can be controlled using identical expansion modules via CAN network and interconnected software
  • Expanded CAN communication capability to plug directly into the vehicle’s J1939 network
  • Operator-friendly display and pressure modules for improved control and diagnostics


  • Environmentally safe alternatives with zero ODP


  • Engineered exclusively for transport applications
  • Built for extended service life
  • Field repairable

Refrigerant HFC R-407c*
CompressorNet System Capacity
RPM Btu/hr KCal/hr HP
1000 66,700 16,808 7
1800 88,400 22,277 15
2400 97,300 24,520 21
2800 101,000 25,452 24
Refrigerant HFC-134a*
CompressorNet System Capacity
RPM Btu/hr KCal/hr HP
1000 45,700 11,516 6
1800 73,600 18,547 12
2400 83,900 21,143 15
2800 86,000 21,672 18
* Nominal cooling system capacities shown above may vary depending upon the specific T Series unit model (frame size) selected. Consult factory for more specific performance data for your application.
Performance Data
System net cooling capacity with 35°C (95°F) ambient, and 26.7°C (80°F) db, 19.5°C (67°F) wb evaporator return air (50% RH)
0 mm (0 in.) water column external static pressure
High Speed Fan 3814 m3/hr (2250 cfm)
Low Speed Fan 2366 m3/hr (1400 cfm)
* *Consult factory for optional airflow on high speed or low speed fan operation.
Unit Operation W/Driver Mode Switch
Reheat Compressor clutch continuously engaged, boost pump and water control valve cycling is controlled by thermostat.
Cool Compressor clutch cycles On/Off on demand of thermostat.
Vent Evaporator fan operation only.
Heat Boost pump and water control valve cycle on demand of thermostat. Compressor clutch off.
System Heating Capacity
24,696 KCal/hr (98,000 Btu/hr) @ 8 GPM & 160°F water
Electric Power Requirements
AT 27V dc High speed fan: 106 amps (high speed evaporator and condenser fans) Power source: Bus alternator or Thermo King batteryless alternator (options below)

Photo showing a Bus with a solar panel

ThermoLite® Solar Panels

The perfect solution for preventing costly battery issues on transit and coach buses.

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