September 27, 2023

Thermo King® Launches TracKing® Pro Telematics

TracKing Pro Telematics Dashboards

TracKing Pro telematics utilizes predictive technology driven by machine learning to deliver actionable insights to help fleets increase profitability.

MINNEAPOLIS, September 27, 2023 — Thermo King, a leader in sustainable transport temperature control solutions and a strategic brand of global climate innovator Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), proudly announces the launch of TracKing Pro telematics. This latest premium digital offering harnesses the power of cutting-edge algorithms that use machine learning to estimate fuel usage and increase fleet uptime, enabling transportation companies to operate more efficiently.

“As an innovation and market leader, Thermo King is committed to not only delivering digital solutions that meet evolving customer and industry needs but also to making it easier for customers to maintain an efficient and sustainable fleet,” said Dominic Hand, vice president of IT and connected products for Thermo King Americas. “TracKing Pro telematics provides fleet owners and managers with critical data and actionable insights, when and where they need it to help optimize performance and increase profitability.”

TracKing Pro Telematics Helps Solve Key Challenges for Fleets

Staying Profitable and Understanding Cost Drivers

The transportation industry is very competitive, and companies are looking for ways to stay profitable without charging more per mile. TracKing Pro telematics offers an energy usage dashboard on select units that provides comprehensive insights into:

  • fuel consumption
  • electricity usage
  • opportunities to enhance uptime

By identifying fuel-saving opportunities, companies can reduce energy costs and help enhance their profitability.

In addition, the advanced algorithm and predictive analytics capabilities make it possible to anticipate where failures may occur and provide the necessary alerts in advance. The predictive alert notifications and enhanced alarm details enable proactive issue response and resolution, helping fleet managers and owners avoid costly unplanned downtime. Alarm triage insights provide valuable information to internal fleet monitoring teams, helping them quickly comprehend and address alarms, ultimately increasing uptime.

Fleet managers need to also understand what drives costs and inefficiencies within their operations. Using information from billions of weekly data points from active Thermo King units in transport, the benchmark analytics dashboard provides metric-based insights from across the industry. Customers can compare their fleet's energy usage and operations with best-in-class fleets. This feature empowers Thermo King customers to identify areas for improvement and implement data-driven strategies.

Sustainable Operations

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, TracKing Pro telematics enables customers to quantify their fleet’s CO2 emissions in metric tons for both diesel and electric standby operations. With this data, fleets can operate more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint as they work toward meeting organizational ESG goals.

Additionally, TracKing Pro telematics summarizes quantitative data and provides reports that can be easily communicated to key stakeholders. The simple, intuitive interface enables users to gather the data they need to confidently tell their organization’s cost-savings and environmental responsibility stories.

Setting the New Standard in Fleet Telematics

As an innovation and market leader, Thermo King is committed to developing customer-centric telematics solutions that provide transportation companies with the operational data needed to improve fleet efficiencies, reduce cargo loss risks and increase uptime.

TracKing Pro telematics is included with the Thermo King Remote Operating Center, which provides rapid, innovative roadside assistance for transport refrigeration units (TRU). The Remote Operating Center includes all the features of the TracKing Pro telematics package plus 24/7 professional triage, smart routing, and warranty coverage for predicted failures. This full-service offering provides customers with the ultimate fleet monitoring service.

TracKing Pro telematics sets a new standard for refrigerated fleet management. Learn more about how this new premium digital offering from Thermo King can provide your fleet with tools and insights to help drive profitability and improve efficiencies.