September 14, 2023

Thermo King leads with decarbonization and digital solutions at IFDA

2023 IFDA Solutions Conference Booth

Thermo King unveiled latest in all-electric transport refrigeration, shared digital solutions and participated as guest panelist in discussion around current and future zero emission TRU technologies

The annual IFDA Solutions Conference is the only event designed by and made for operations professionals in the food distribution industry. Thermo King was proud to display its latest innovative solutions at the event, which was held September 11-13 in Fort Worth, Texas.

The highlight at Thermo King’s booth was the unveiling of the all-electric e300 transport refrigeration unit (TRU). The newest addition to Thermo King’s evolve™ portfolio of electric transport and refrigeration solutions, the e300 is a nose-mount design that meets the needs and capacity requirements of fleets with Class 2-4 trucks requiring single-temperature climate control for fresh and frozen applications. Powered by the electric vehicle chassis and utilizing R-452A lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, the e300 is ideal for food distribution companies pursuing sustainability goals or needing to meet upcoming regulatory requirements including California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations.

“We are proud to be a leading innovator in zero-emissions transport refrigeration units and solutions that help our customers navigate regulations while providing options that satisfy their fleet and business requirements,” said Chris Tanaka, vice president of product management for Thermo King Americas.

Other sustainable solutions highlighted at the booth were:

  • the e200 all-electric TRU for Class 1-4 trucks and vans
  • the award-winning e1000 TRU for Class 5-7 trucks – the first large-capacity all-electric TRU in the market
  • the Precedent® S-750i diesel-electric unit for trailers, which meets current and proposed CARB Ultra-Low Emission TRU regulations without the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF)

Thermo King’s digital solutions were on display as well to demonstrate how our TracKing® telematics system provides accurate and real-time data to increase operational efficiencies and ensure product integrity. Highlighted was the new data integration partnership with Great Dane’s FleetPulse™ smart trailer system and TracKing telematics. The connectivity between the two platforms benefits fleets, cargo and customers.

Sharing electrification expertise

Thermo King was also excited to be part of the dialogue in IFDA’s “Hype or Reality: The Rise of the EV Refrigerated Trailer” session. The session included conversation about current and future zero emission TRU technology options along with improvements on performance, weight, and maintenance over the traditional TRU. It was a great opportunity to discuss the future of cold chain distribution including clean technology challenges and opportunities.

e300 at the 2023 IDFA SOoutions Conference
The newest addition the Thermo King evolve™ portfolio of electrification solutions is the e300 all-electric transport refrigeration unit for Class 2-4 trucks.
Chris Tanaka at a speaker event at IFDA
Chris Tanaka, vice president of product management, participated in the "Hype or Reality: The Rise of the EV Refrigerated Trailer" panel discussion.
Thermo King at the Great Dane Booth
Great Dane’s FleetPulse™ smart trailer system and TracKing telematics were on display at the 2023 IFDA Solutions Conference.