July 18, 2023

e1000 Receives Top Product of the Year Award


The e1000 is first large-capacity all-electric TRU to meet zero-emission regulations across North America

MINNEAPOLIS, July 18, 2023 — Thermo King, a strategic brand of global climate innovator Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), is pleased to announce that its e1000 all-electric transport refrigeration unit (TRU) for battery-electric Class 5-7 trucks has been honored with the prestigious Top Product of the Year Award in the Environment + Energy Leader Awards program. This accolade recognizes the e1000 TRU as an exemplary leader in its class, making great strides in energy or environmental management.

“We are extremely proud to receive this recognition from Environment + Energy Leader as it reinforces our decarbonization goals and commitment to advance technologies that reduce environmental impact for our customers, the industry, and future generations. This includes our pledge to invest more than $100 million to deliver fully electric products into every segment of the cold chain in the Americas by 2025,” said Chris Tanaka, Vice President of Product Management for Thermo King Americas.

Part of the Thermo King evolve portfolio of electric products, the e1000 is the first large-capacity electric TRU without a diesel engine offered in North America that meets regulations for zero emissions, including California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Transport Refrigeration Unit 2023 Standard.

With no mechanical components to maintain and no diesel fuel costs to budget, the Thermo King e1000 helps companies reduce waste and emissions, and minimize total cost of ownership. The unit easily matches the performance of diesel offerings while offering increased reliability, lower weight, and reduced noise. Its design integrates with electric chassis’ and offers both fresh and frozen setpoints for 16-28-foot truck boxes. In addition, the e1000 comes standard with lower global warming potential R-452A, which helps customers further reduce their carbon footprint.

The outstanding qualities and remarkable achievements of the e1000 TRU captivated the attention of the program's distinguished panel of judges with one remarking, “I appreciate that Thermo King is a leading innovator in this space and zero-emissions refrigerated trucks will be critical to the decarbonization of food and beverage (and other) industries.”

The Environment + Energy Leader Awards program aims to commend excellence in products and projects that deliver significant energy and environmental benefits. Sarah Roberts, Co-President of E+E Leader, emphasized the rigorous selection process, stating, "This year’s entrants had to surpass an exceptionally high bar to qualify for an award, thanks to a seasoned and discerning judging panel as well as stringent judging criteria."

Thermo King continues to lead the industry with the widest range of zero and low-emission transport temperature control solutions and continues to advance its 2030 Sustainability Commitments. This includes the Gigaton Challenge, which aims to reduce customer greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons.