e200 All-Electric Transport Refrigeration

e200 truck refrigeration unit

e200 Truck Refrigeration Unit

Full-electric refrigeration unit for medium-size vans and trucks.

Designed for both electric and engine-powered vehicles, the e200 can help ensure your operations remain compliant with a growing array of regional and national regulations concerning the reduction of noise and CO₂ emissions.

Introducing this unit that uses R452A refrigerant—that has a lower global warming potential (GWP), into your fleet, you can confidently meet current and future sustainability targets throughout the cold chain.

Product Features


With no road compressor or drive kit, all the e200’s major components are fully integrated – making it a plug-and-play solution that removes the headaches associated with installation.


Due to the e200’s enhanced controller, it delivers constant capacity independent of the vehicle RPM.


Intelligent power source optimization to give you increased uptime and improved maintenance intervals.


  • Capable of direct communication between the unit and the vehicle to ensure compatibility with the Start & Stop feature. 
  • Power Management Intelligence to optimize the supply and demand of power
  • Manages alarms related across all integrated components such as inverter, new electronics, and charger.


  • Allows you to decrease the deviation of the set point, and to fully benefit from precise temperature control. 
  • Increases system reliability due to the lower number of compressor starts and stops required to function.


  • Provides the constant capacity needed to keep performance independent from the vehicle. 
  • Delivers exceptional operating efficiency in even the most demanding of environments. 
  • Avoids the use of a road compressor in the engine compartment, thereby making the unit easier and faster to install.

Quote from Chris Tanaka: Our electrified portfolio has expanded significantly and by 2023, Thermo King will have a low or zero-emission solution in every segment of the cold chain.

The e200 is eligible to receive point-of-sale discounts in California

CORE is a $125 million project, which is funded by California Climate Investments and intended to encourage California off-road equipment users to purchase or lease currently commercialized zero-emission off-road equipment. This streamlined voucher incentive project helps offset the higher cost of zero-emission technology with a point-of-sale discount.

This incentive project significantly helps customers finance their journey to achieve zero emissions by December 31, 2029, as outlined by CARB. CARB states that owners are required to turn over at least 15% of their truck TRU fleet operating in California to zero-emission technology each year beginning in 2023.

A truckload of new capabilities

Turning the potential of electric into easy-to-use, intelligent, and precise temperature control.


Utilizes an R452A refrigerant system—net cooling capacity at 100°F ambient. R452A has a lower global warming potential (GWP) to help reduce the carbon footprint of refrigerants used by our customers’ long-haul, middle-mile and last-mile delivery fleets by nearly 50%.

Cooling Capacity BTU/Hour
Set Point Truck Engine Standby
35°F 4,700 4,700
0°F 2,700 2,700

evolve all-electric Thermo King portfolio logo

Part of evolve™ - our all-electric portfolio

The evolve portfolio aligns with our customers’ goals to transition to more sustainable solutions for their fleets, and will help advance Trane Technologies’ 2030 Sustainability Commitments, including its Gigaton Challenge to reduce customer greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion metric tons.

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