Refrigeration Units

Deliver fresh and frozen cargo around the world safely and efficiently.

Magnum® Plus

Sets the standard for efficiency, performance, operability and reliability. ...

Super Freezer

Unmatched low-temperature performance to maintain and deliver products of the highest quality. ...


AFAM+ for Magnum Plus

Thermo King’s Advanced Fresh Air Management technology helps you extend the shelf life of a variety of fresh produce through careful management of container atmosphere.


AVL (Air Vent Logging) for Magnum Plus

Thermo King’s Air Vent Logging (AVL) – An intelligent sensor that monitors the position of fresh air vents and records the flow of fresh air of the container.

Aerial photo of a port at twilight.

Energy Data Logging

Our new energy data logging feature is now standard on all Thermo King Magnum® Plus units. This feature tells you exactly how much power your reefer is using. All the time.

Photo from above of containers stacked.

Thermo King Dealer Network

Whatever the routing, 24/7 support is never far away. Over 400 factory-trained, tested and certified Thermo King dealers provide worldwide round the clock service, guaranteeing that the equipment is maintained, the cold chain unbroken and the load kept in prime condition.


TK Fresh

Download the TK Fresh application to take full advantage of our AFAM+ solution.