Magnum Plus®

Magnum Plus® refrigerated container

Magnum Plus®

Premium performance. No compromise.

The Magnum Plus® refrigerated container provides an industry-low box temperature between -40°C (-40°F) and +40°C (104°F) in ambient conditions up to +50°C  (122°F). It offers fast pull-down, a homogenous floor spread, and the tightest temperature control available.

Magnum Plus® protects your cargo.

About Magnum Plus®

Get better temperature control than ever with Magnum Plus container refrigeration

Fresh or frozen. Faster is better.

The Magnum Plus is the result of years of consolidated field experience acquired with its predecessors. With better temperature control than ever and a raft of optional functionality, there’s no better reefer on land or sea.

Product Features

Lowest temperature

The Magnum Plus® is the only unit on the market capable of reaching and maintaining -40°C (-40°F) box temperature in a +50°C (122°F) ambient environment, thereby preserving product quality and further increasing usable box life.

Fast pull-down

Thanks to its superior cooling capacity, Magnum Plus® can increase storage life by reaching the setpoint faster and more accurately.

Low energy consumption

Less energy is required with Magnum Plus® with its MP4000 controller, allowing significant cost savings and setting a new standard in efficiency.

Benefits of Magnum Plus®

Smart choices, smart containers

When it comes to fresh or frozen cargo, you need a reliable reefer that adapts to the specific requirements of each load. Thermo King’s Magnum Plus® provides the best cold chain capability on the market, easily adaptable for different options such as controlled atmosphere, telematics, and remote monitoring capability.

Remote monitoring modem: RMM+

Magnum Plus® integrates a remote monitoring power modem and can interface with advanced wireless remote monitoring systems for one-way and two-way communication. It is the industry benchmark in efficiency, performance, operability, and reliability.

R-452A refrigerant

Thermo King was determined to see a new, environmentally sensible and future-compliant refrigerant for transportation applications. The result? Reliable, compliant cold. 

TK FreshPlus: Advanced Fresh Air Management

Thermo King’s Advanced Fresh Air Management Plus technology takes the guesswork out of fresh air exchange, regulating the internal container environment based on the cargo’s respiration cues and pre-set parameters. AVL (air vent logging) tracks the opening of the air vent during shipment. TK FreshPlus has an enhanced capability to adjust the air vent positioning automatically in order to maintain the correct balance of carbon dioxide and prevent product dehydration.

Effective on a wide variety of fresh produce, including avocados from Kenya, asparagus from Peru, bananas from Ecuador, and sweet corn from North America, Advanced Fresh Air Management technology has helped preserve post-harvest conditions in thousands of perishable loads of varying voyage lengths through the years.

Real data, real decisions: Energy data logging

Energy data logging keeps you informed with on-the-job, real-life power consumption, so you can make better decisions around power usage than ever before. Our new energy data logging feature is standard on all Thermo King Magnum Plus® units; it tells you exactly how much power your reefer is using. All the time.

Energy data logging features

  • Understand how operating profiles impact energy usage
  • Optimize fleet operations and offerings
  • Unlock hidden cost savings
  • Support sustainability goals; measure your CO2 footprint
  • Enhance service & maintenance operations
  • Optimize unit performance with preventive troubleshooting


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