SuperFreezer Ultra-low temperature Unit

Ultra-low temperature for critical cargo

Designed for seagoing transport refrigeration applications, SuperFreezers can also be used on land by plugging in the 360-500 Volt 50 or 60 Hz power supply. Its exceptional high performance offers protection for valuable pharmaceuticals or blood plasma, and preserves first-day product freshness of seafood (Grade A sashimi, tuna, salmon). As low as -65°C in 40ft special insulated containers, and -70°C in 10ft and 20ft special insulated containers.

Product Features

superfreezer cold chain shipping unit

An environmentally-friendly alternative to expensive air freight shipments, the SuperFreezer provides optimal temperature preservation from the very beginning of the cold chain.


Extreme Cooling Capacity - At your Fingertips

Thermo King SuperFreezer refrigerated container units are designed to create and maintain ultra-low temperatures as low as -70°C to -30C to +50C to protect the most sensitive and valuable cargoes. Equally effective in 10’ or 20’ ISO containers, the SuperFreezer solution can be used for transport over land or sea or as storage


Extreme low temperatures cause microbial decomposition to cease completely. Our SuperFreezer solution can be applied successfully to a wide range of products ensuring they reach their destination in perfect condition even after extended periods.

  • Vaccines including types known for COVID-19 inoculation
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
  • Biological material such as samples
  • Blood plasma / Biolife
  • Food ingredients such as yogurt cultures
  • Chemical enzymes such as in detergent/washing powder
  • 3D printing components
  • High tech semiconductors components
  • R&D material and validation testing (often in automotive, aviation, windpower, off-shore and oil-and-gas parts)
  • Processed seafood or freshly caught fish: tuna, crab
  • PCM (Phase Changing Material) storage and preparation
  • Pre-treated composite materials

Superfreezer for Pharma storage

superfreezer ultra cold storage solutions

The Technology

The Thermo King SuperFreezer achieves extreme low temperatures using “Cascade” technology. An advanced controller managing two separate refrigeration circuits with two different refrigerants work together to safely protect your valuable products.

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