T-590 Straight Truck Reefer Unit

The T-590 is Thermo King’s next generation diesel-powered reefer unit for straight trucks

T-590 Straight Truck Reefer Unit

Thermo King’s next generation reefer unit for straight trucks

The T-590 diesel-powered refrigeration unit for straight trucks features industry leading capacity, maintenance intervals and temp control, as well as the most advanced technology you can buy.


  • 2,000 hour maintenance interval – the longest in the industry
  • Premium HMI – the easiest to use and most power control interface
  • Integrated ConnectedSuite™ fleet telematics hardware – streamline your operations at the flip of a switch
  • Opti-Set Plus – optimize unit settings and parameters to deliver what matters most to you, including temperature control, fuel savings and operator error elimination
  • Industry leading capacity – gives you faster pull-down, faster recovery after door openings, less fuel burned and fewer engine run hours to deliver results that matter to your bottom line

The T-90 Series

Whether you’re looking for more capacity, trustworthy reliability and performance, fuel efficiency, unprecedented temperature pull-down and recovery, convenient maintenance intervals, or all of the above the T-90 Series will not let you down

Delivering the capacity, reliability and uptime that fit your demanding schedule, the new T-90 Series of self-powered truck refrigeration units truly offer MORE.

The development of the T-90 Series of refrigeration units for straight trucks continues Thermo King’s legacy of customer-focused innovation.

Taking self-powered truck refrigeration to a new level, the next generation T-90 Series offers the right solutions for today’s challenges.

Whether you’re looking for more capacity, trustworthy reliability and performance, fuel efficiency, unprecedented temperature pull-down and recovery, convenient maintenance intervals, or all of the above the T-90 Series will not let you down.

More capacity

Improved coil designs and optimized engine management, along with many additional improvements, deliver elevated performance — a performance that boasts an increased capacity of up to 35 percent.

Thermo King Reciprocating Compressors

The entire T-90 Series features the latest Thermo King designed and manufactured reciprocating compressors that surpass the technology of the past. With continuously improved reliability, today’s X-214 and X-430 reciprocating compressors are a key component of our new design. 

More savings

With an extended maintenance interval (EMI) of 2,000 hours — the longest in the industry — downtime, and costs are minimized. With longer maintenance intervals, you save money by reducing environmental impact and downtime.

Thermo King SR Control System

It’s hard to beat how this powerful and simple-to-use controller ensures accurate temperature control and efficient operation that delivers industry-leading fuel savings and temperature control. With on-screen instructions, the premium HMI offers a symbolic interface and easy-to-read LCD display that makes precise setting and adjusting of the reefer quick and easy. Using QuickTemp technology, cycle-sentry mode, Fuel Saver II technology, and electronic door switches will all contribute to fuel savings. All of which operate seamlessly in the background; allowing your drivers to do what they do best … drive. 

SmartPower™ Electric Standby

Running your refrigeration unit on electric power when stationary is simply smart. Save fuel, reduce engine wear, and decrease emissions. Using SmartPower electric standby can save you up to 75% on fuel costs - now that’s smart.

QuickTemp Technology

Key laboratory application tests have shown that when using QuickTemp technology, the initial pull-down and recovery rates in the T-90 Series are up to 30 percent faster, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 35 percent, and engine runtime is decreased by up to 25 percent versus the competition. Along with these savings, you get better control of cargo temperature and longer unit life because of our patent-pending refrigeration control system.

More reliability

Advancements in technology and innovation must be proven reliable before they are incorporated into our designs. This is at the core of who Thermo King is. Another key piece of our heritage, and an extension of the products themselves, is our unmatched service and support.

When you choose a T-90 Series truck unit, you choose Thermo King, an industry pioneer who is invested in your success. 

  • 24/7 mobile service in most locations 
  • Extensive product qualification including lab testing at our world-class testing facilities and field testing with real customers in real applications
  • Thermo gard® Assurance – guaranteed maintenance plans that optimize fleet efficiencies and reduce management costs
  • Access to a complete line of Thermo King genuine parts for maximum uptime

More technology


The integrated Thermo King telematics hardware opens the door to TracKing® Cellular. Connectivity to the units of the T-90 Series, and your cargo, has never been easier.

USB Service Connectivity

Easier diagnostics and flash loading of system settings are at your fingertips.

Premium HMI

Standard on the T-90 Series, users benefit from the improved user interface, diagnostic capabilities, and ease of use. 

OptiSet® Plus

Featured in both the single-temperature and multi-temperature models, OptiSet Plus ensures that temperatures are optimized and personalized with pre-set profiles for your cargo. Your Thermo King certified dealer can help you get the most out of your refrigeration equipment, pre-loading your OptiSet Plus profiles specific to your operational needs to ensure your refrigeration unit delivers what you expect. Trip after trip, you can be confident that temperature set points and ranges, as well as the use of cycle-sentry mode, are locked into best match your needs while taking the guesswork out of your driver’s day.

Manage your fleet and temperature control down to the smallest detail with OptiSet

  • Ensure the quality of your fleet’s cargo while improving fuel savings 
  • Resulting in more consistent product quality, fewer shipper and driver errors, and improved efficiency of your reefer unit
  • Total customization of your operating conditions

More options

Available as add-on features as well as in packages designed to meet common needs, we are confident that you will end up with the refrigeration unit right for your business.

Solar Panels

Available in both 40 watt and 110-watt versions, our ThermoLite® solar panels are the perfect complement to the T-90 Series of units by helping to reduce costs of battery replacements, jumpstart, and fuel consumption. The larger 110-watt solar panels can also be used to keep your lift gates operating all day long.  

Evaporator Guards

Available from the factory, these rugged aluminum evaporator guards protect your multi-temp remote evaporators from damage.

Whisper Noise Reduction

This package minimizes your impact on neighbors during deliveries by reducing unit noise.

Arctic Package

Ensuring reliable operation and easy engine starts for customers operating in cold and snowy conditions, the arctic package includes snow covers, synthetic oil and block heater.

Monitor Package

This package offers visibility to temperature – both current and throughout a delivery, door openings, truck location, and more. TouchPrint Premium with two temperature sensors, a remote status light, and a wired door switch are all included.

Unit Specs

Refrigeration Capacity

Engine Capacity* (BTU/hr)
Electric Capacity* (BTU/hr)

*Cooling capacities rated at 100° F ambient, heating at 0° F ambient

Heating Capacity: System net heating capacity at 35°F
Standard unit/units with SmartPower option
910/973 lbs
T-90 series application box size chart


Operator Manual

Installation Guide/Manual

With nearly 200 locations across North America, the Thermo King dealer network gives you the support you need, whenever and wherever you are.

Unmatched service and support

With nearly 200 locations across North America, the Thermo King dealer network gives you the support you need, whenever and wherever you are, with factory-trained expert service and genuine Thermo King parts.

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