Electrification Solutions

Improving the efficiencies and environmental footprint of our products.





Clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit that not only saves fuel but delivers unmatched driver comfort.



Compact reefer unit that provides outstanding refrigeration capacity for small trucks and delivery vans.



Efficient, reliable HVAC system for coach and transit applications.



electrification solutions- chanje all electric vehicle

Innovative Partnerships

The Chanje project is the first in a series of field tests. By developing all-electric, refrigerated vehicles in partnership with vehicle original equipment manufacturers, we can learn more about how our products work with electric vehicles and ultimately deliver new technology to our customers.

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Electrifying our World, our Future

by Francesco Incalza

The future is indeed now. And on Earth Day 2019, there was no better time to celebrate and embrace our dedication to truly making this world a better place for all.