June 15, 2022

Thermo King Expands Telematics offerings

Thermo King brings additional convenience and flexibility to customers with expanded telematics offerings

Data sharing partnerships and an advanced mobile app are now part of Thermo King’s ConnectedSuite™ portfolio of solutions, further enhancing the customer experience with cloud-based data sharing and accessibility options.

The ConnectedSuite™ portfolio has been expanded to bring greater flexibility and data-sharing options to customer fleets. This includes the Thermo King Connect app and new third-party partnerships, which allow users to integrate Thermo King’s leading TracKing® temperature and asset management system with partner platforms without the hassle or expense of extra hardware or installation requirements.

Customer-centric telematics solutions

“These additions to our ConnectedSuite offerings further evolve the customer-centric telematics solutions we have been committed to providing with our refrigerated unit portfolio for more than 18 years,” said Carl Breczinski, Digital and Controls product manager for Thermo King. “Our investments in telematics have always been about delivering the operational data needed to improve fleet efficiencies, reducing cargo loss risks, and boosting uptime for our customers.

“Our priority is to provide customers with critical data, when and where they need it, regardless of the fleet management system they use or type of refrigeration units they run.”

Thermo King Connect App

Available to all Thermo King TracKing and non-TracKing users, the Connect app can be downloaded for iOS or Android and replaces the soon-to-retire Thermo King Reefer and Notify apps, providing greater functionality in one app.

With just a click, the Thermo King Connect app gives TracKing subscribers access to reefer operational, location and status data, dynamic notification alerts, and Thermo King’s full-featured dealer locator with SOS function. This makes finding the closest Thermo King dealer easy with instantaneous navigation, dealer business hours and direct connection phone dialing. Users can also view and clear alarms, send two-way commands, connect a reefer over Bluetooth, and access unit quick-start guides, alarm code sheets, and user manuals.

Non-TracKing users have access to the dealer locator and SOS function as well as Thermo King product manuals and guides.

Data Sharing Partnerships

Expanded data sharing partnerships with several companies allow customers to easily integrate partner systems with TracKing telematics equipment, which comes standard on Thermo King Precedent® trailer units since 2018. No additional hardware is needed to access the cloud-based, secure data integration. Customers may opt-in at any time to authorize available partners to access their Thermo King units. The list of partners will continue to grow and already includes providers of fleet management systems, freight brokerage, and other telematics solutions. Customers may contact their Thermo King dealer or contact Thermo King’s TracKing support team to check if their favorite platform is already integrated or to request that additional partners be added.

“As an innovation and market leader, Thermo King is committed to not only delivering the solutions that meet evolving customer and industry needs, but to making it easier for customers to manage their fleets economically and reliably,” said Dominic Hand, Vice President of IT and Connected Products, Thermo King.

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