May 26, 2020

Cooling the Pharma Hot Zone


As a leader in Transport Refrigeration, Thermo King has found itself in the midst of viral outbreaks before – simply due to its unwavering commitment to ensuring a safe, secure and efficient cold chain. COVID-19 has brought a renewed focus on the sensitivity, challenges and zero-error temperature demands within pharmaceutical and bioscience transport, and Thermo King is an essential player within this high impact zone.

Thermo King is and has been a world leader in the development of components and systems that support the specialized needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and now more than ever, our efforts are being utilized at the highest and most expansive levels.

Karin De Bondt

President Thermo King Americas

“Our equipment and services are being called upon by every major manufacturer, distribution channel, and transportation provider in the handling of these temperature and security sensitive products as well as the premier support provided by our expansive dealer network globally encompassing, trailer, truck, container and even systems transported in aircraft.”

Mike Frewer, senior vice president of emerging technologies at Thermo King Midwest, knows this full well. His dealership group has found itself in the epicenter of major U.S. pharmaceutical companies (Indiana is home to 2,100 companies in the life sciences sector) and, as a result, has established a dependable reputation for high-value, ultra-secure, and extremely confidential load transportation that keeps sensitive products at required temperatures with no deviations.

“The pharmaceutical and bioscience space is growing exponentially globally on an annualized basis. More products are being introduced daily, more people are needing the products hourly, and the newest COVID-19 challenges up the ante even more by showing us just how sensitive our global community is to these types of issues,” said Mike.

Due Diligence

Thermo King has earned its role in this market – from partnership with governmental and health regulatory authorities, to its worldwide network of trained dealers, to proven transport refrigeration products, to its real-time tracking and monitoring technologies that ensure these high-value, and often life-saving, product loads arrive safely.

“Our TracKing® web-enabled tracking system, which offers optimum traceability and temperature management, is one big game-changer. Quite simply, there is no room for error in pharmaceutical transport, and TracKing proves cargo integrity from Point A to Point B,” said Rodrigo Castro, strategic account manager, Thermo King telematics. 

In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Thermo King has a complete PharmaSolutions product line that satisfies strict Good Distribution Practice (GDP) regulatory guidelines, and the Americas products are well ahead of the regulatory curve.

“I am proud to say that Thermo King is a recognized leader in this area, and I am proud to be one of the dealers immersed in this absolutely vital piece of transport,” said Mike. “This will become yet another high water mark for the Thermo King organization as we one day will look back and understand the pivotal role we played in getting the world through these challenging times.”

One thing is certain, Thermo King is rising to the occasion to support the heroic work of companies working around the clock to develop life-saving answers that will help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We are a key player in the high impact pharma zone and working diligently to support these front-line efforts.

“This is our time to quietly shine and our success is a positive reflection of the commitment, capabilities, trust, and engagement of our teams throughout the world,” said Karin. “Our work in the pharma and bioscience sector demonstrates our focus and execution of advancing products and processes to accomplish our founding goal: to improve the quality of life around the world.