February 24, 2020

Thermo King Expands Transport Refrigeration Maintenance Program


Thermo King Expands Transport Refrigeration Maintenance Program

Thermo King has launched a new service agreement program. Performance Advantage™ provides customers with a set of maintenance programs designed to extend the efficient operational life of their transport refrigeration equipment, increase uptime, and reduce costs.

“Proactive maintenance from trained and qualified refrigeration experts can minimize downtime and save money,” said Travis Lumpkin, services product manager for Thermo King North America.  “A Thermo King Service Agreement can improve equipment reliability and deliver more uptime so customers can keep their equipment on the road making money.”

Additional benefits include:

  • Fixed/predictable rate – Unpredictable and variable costs are converted into fixed, predictable expenses. The offerings are designed to help customers get the highest equipment reliability from their maintenance budget, increase uptime, and maximize fleet utilization.

  • Plan choice – A variety of plans are available so customers can select the option that best fits their needs and budget.

  • Multiple product coverage – Services are applicable to not only TRU trailers, trucks and railcars, but APUs (auxiliary power units) such as Thermo King’s TriPac® products.

  • Unique reporting packages – Using TracKing® telematics, customers can track their reefer temperatures from around the globe. The real-time telematics provides cargo traceability and asset monitoring.

You can learn more about the Performance Advantage program by contacting a local Thermo King dealer or visit: thermoking.com/services.