Extend your TRUs life cycle with regular maintenance

February 23, 2022

Trailer refrigeration units are typically in high demand during the summer season.

This means it’s likely not available to perform the necessary annual Preventive Maintenance to keep it in peak condition. So, scheduling Preventive Maintenance before or after a busy season is vital to ensure proper operation of the unit. In addition, it’s critical to complete an annual planned maintenance (PM) inspection. A thorough PM inspection will identify potential issues that could cause an unexpected breakdown.

Properly aligning the chassis PM with the refrigeration unit will reduce downtime and ensure that both systems are regularly serviced and maintained. Additionally, if possible, scheduling PMs to revolve around higher and lower ambient conditions will prepare your units to perform as designed.

At this time, you should also verify the condition of critical components such as belts, batteries, and air, oil, and fuel filters.

Other maintenance tasks that should not be overlooked:

  • Inspect defrost drain hoses and flapper valves for dirt and debris.
  • Check the unit for loose, frayed, or chaffing wiring.
  • Examine doors and hardware.
  • Stay up to date on software updates to ensure the unit is running on the latest software version.
  • Complete a visual inspection of the unit for signs of leaks of refrigerant, oil, or coolant.
  • Perform a refrigerant level check.

If you pay close attention to your reefer unit and have it serviced regularly, you can extend its life cycle—saving you time and money.

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