Top Maintenance Tips for Running a Fleet Operation Efficiently

February 15, 2022

Top maintenance tips

As a fleet owner or manager, you are constantly balancing many aspects of running a fleet operation efficiently, and maintenance issues are the last problem you need. Knowledge is power, so let’s look at the top maintenance-related challenges you might encounter so that you can be proactive in preventing downtime.

Help for light-duty trucks

One of the most overlooked items on a refrigerated light-duty truck is the refrigeration unit. If you align the trucks planned maintenance (PM) schedule to coincide with the chassis PM, it can help maintain both systems. Pay particular attention to the fluids, belts, and electrical system. Overlooking these can be a costly mistake.

Telematics for medium-duty trucks

Use technology such as telematics to remotely monitor equipment location in real-time and provide a health status of the refrigeration unit. TracKing® from Thermo King can have a positive impact so you can act on items immediately to prevent breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs.

With TracKing, codes generated by the trailer refrigeration unit (TRU) during operation can be tracked, giving you greater visibility so can you increase your fleet efficiency and lower costs.

No base

Do you have some vehicles that do not return to the same base? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Follow a maintenance schedule
  • Adhere to a pre-trip inspection
  • Use telematics to remotely monitor your units
  • Be proactive with maintenance

Support wherever you need it

At Thermo King, we understand that uptime is essential to your business. Learn more about our service programs to help keep your fleet on the road.

Plus, with our Dealer Network, you have access to service and proactive maintenance at over 200 locations. Find the support you need with the online dealer locator—complete with contact details and service offerings.