July 29, 2019

CPX Relies on TracKing™ for Efficient, Real Time Fleet Management


Coastal Pacific Xpress (CPx) has been partnering with its customers and continually looking for ways to improve its offerings for more than 30 years. Specializing in meeting stringent just-in-time requirements, CPx provides flexible and tailored solutions that encompass truckload and less-than-truckload services as well as the warehouse and distribution capacities needed for companies throughout North America. Assisting the Canadian-based company to provide even greater service value to customers is Thermo King’s TracKing® telematics system.

“TracKing telematics allows our employees to monitor the current and past temperature history of a load, trailer location, fuel levels, door openings and reefer operation data in real time and across our organization. This has enabled us to improve our asset utilization, reduce fuel consumption, and better manage maintenance,” said Kevin Johnson, vice president, CPx. “We recognized the importance that our customers place on cold chain security, and the Thermo King TracKing system gives us real-time temperature monitoring now, and a traceability solution ready for those who will be needing it in the future.”

A Thermo King customer since 2006, CPx began implementing TracKing telematics in 2010 when it completed its transition to an all-Thermo King refrigerated fleet made up of both single- and multi-temperature units. Today, with 400 systems in place, CPx can monitor and control their refrigeration fleet remotely with a touch of a button. Utilizing the TracKing website, CPx receives data on each refrigeration unit, allowing increased visibility and control over refrigerated cargo and reducing risk of load loss for CPx and its customers.

TracKing offers remote capabilities such as:

  • Flagging temperature set point changes
  • Starting, pre-tripping and stopping the unit
  • Sending real-time notifications and clearing unit alarms
  • Changing operation modes (i.e. continuous run vs cycle sentry)
  • Identifying trailer/reefer location
  • Monitoring door openings and fuel levels
  • Manage preventative maintenance schedules

“Simply put, the TracKing technology gives CPX the tools to proactively manage our reefer fleet.  We’ve seen a significant reduction in cargo claims and can provide reefer performance downloads within minutes of a request, right on a customer’s dock,” said Johnson. “Providing a data download that also shows the GPS location of the trailer, door openings and reefer operation addresses a principle concern of our customers relative to cold chain integrity.

Fuel, Environmental and Food Safety Concerns

Like never before, fuel, environmental and food safety concerns are three big challenges facing today’s trucking companies. Companies can use TracKing as a tool to address all three. “Increasing fuel costs have companies looking for viable ways to reduce energy use through decreased reefer idling. Decreased run times improve emission output and environmental impacts. Food safety standards are being scrutinized and mandates are being determined that will reduce contamination risks throughout the cold chain,” said Steve Bach, Thermo King district sales manager.

“TracKing provides the real time data and traceability to assure units are running as efficiently as possible while maintaining food safety parameters. TracKing technology will validate that a shipment was conducted properly, within temperature requirements,” explained Gayatri Abbott, director of smart products and telematics for Thermo King. “In the end, it protects the trucking company and the customer.”

Bottom Line Improvements

The savings realized due to TracKing telematics come on the maintenance side also for CPx. Alarm code notifications are also real time, which means they can be dealt with proactively and immediately. “If an alarm indicates an anomaly in the operation of the reefer, we can route a trailer to the closest dealer before the load is threatened. We can view the engine hours on each reefer in real time to schedule preventative maintenance and more,” said Johnson. “This data is the information that ensures we have one of the best maintained fleets in the industry.

CPx works closely with local dealer Thermo King of British Columbia and benefits from the entire network of 182 Thermo King dealers throughout North America if service is needed while a unit is on the road.

“TracKing has not only allowed CPx to provide an even greater value-added transportation solution to their customers, but it has positioned them as a leader in load monitoring capabilities throughout North America,” said Ivan Loisel, sales manager, Thermo King of British Columbia.

Founded in 1986, CPx is a Surrey, British Columbia-based trucking company specializing in temperature-controlled and just-in-time overnight deliveries. The company’s main warehouse and distribution facility is in Surrey, with a second warehouse/office facility located in Calgary, Alberta. CPx also operates terminals in Nanaimo, British Columbia and Edmonton, Alberta. CPX’s fleet of more than 350 trucks and 550 trailers serves major markets throughout North America.


Customer: Coastal Pacific Xpress Inc. (CPX) 

Dealer: Thermo King of British Columbia | https://www.thermokingbc.com/