March 15, 2023

Innovative Remote Operating Center From Thermo King® Pairs Real-Time Technology with Human Know-How

Remote Operating Center Press Release Newsroom Header

The industry’s most comprehensive roadside assistance program for transport refrigeration units

MINNEAPOLIS, March 15, 2023  — Moving perishable cargo that must be kept at a specific temperature, is a risky business. It poses special challenges for fleet managers and adds risk for drivers. After all, lost or damaged cargo is not just a waste of money. It could have significant consequences for those relying on its timely arrival. When a transport refrigeration unit is in danger of breaking down, a remote monitoring system won’t fully solve the immediate need. Drivers require real-time responses backed by real-life experience and knowledge to help protect what’s at stake.

Introducing the industry’s latest and most comprehensive solution for driver support: Thermo King’s Remote Operating Center (ROC). This system provides rapid, innovative roadside assistance for transport refrigeration units (TRU) by combining technology and human expertise.

ROC service delivers 24/7 real-time, remote monitoring, predictive analytics that use a revolutionary algorithm to help predict failures days or weeks before they occur, and guided response by a team of friendly experts to achieve a fast reply and complete resolution to any problem.

“Putting older units on the road doesn’t have to feel like a game of roulette anymore. Our new data-enabled and predictive analytic technologies can help reduce unplanned downtime,” said Bob Roberts, Technical Operations, Thermo King Americas. “Behind that technology is a team of Thermo King experts to assess alarms, take corrective actions remotely, or guide drivers through remediation steps to get them back on the road and to their homes sooner.”

When a TRU alarm is received, the ROC service team springs into action, relying on defined and documented best-practice responses. Each alarm is critically categorized — from green alerts that do not require immediate reaction to red alerts that trigger smart routing protocols to send the driver to the closest of Thermo King’s more than 280 North American dealerships to fix the problem. 

Fleet owners and managers who choose Thermo King’s ROC services may benefit from:

  • Reduction in downtime
  • Improved protection of temperature-sensitive loads
  • On-road support that improves driver satisfaction
  • Extended ROI and improved reliability of TRU assets
  • Better leveraging of in-place technology to improve business processes and performance
  • Improved sustainability by preventing in-transit food losses
  • New benefits to offer drivers for hiring and retaining talent

Learn more about Thermo King’s innovative ROC service .