May 7, 2021

Keep Flowers Fresher for Longer

flower hero.png

No one wants to get a bouquet of wilted flowers. In this article, we’ll walk through tips to keep your flowers looking fresh from storage to delivery.

You’re probably familiar with the old rhyme, April Showers bring May flowers. But if you’re in the floral delivery business, you know that getting beautiful flowers into the hands of your customers has little to do with April showers. There’s a lot that goes into protecting your flowers from seed to vase, so staying on top of the science behind a healthy bouquet can make all the difference in the quality of your flowers.

What’s the most important factor that plays into your flowers’ life? Temperature. The moment a flower is cut and submerged into a floral preservative solution, its means of survival are limited to the food stored in its leaves and petals. Ensuring your flowers are shipped and preserved at a cool temperature conserves the sugars stored in the leaves and stems, which allows the flowers to use less of their resources throughout their journey to the vase. These sugars are critical in supporting the flowers’ healthy growth. Additionally, cold temperatures allow flowers to become less sensitive to harmful chemicals and overall live a longer, healthier life. The graph below shows flowers 24 hours after 5 days of storage at various temperatures and illustrates the substantial decline in the flowers’ life when stored at a high temperature.


What is the perfect “cool” temperature to help your flowers thrive? It’s suggested that flowers should be kept anywhere from 33-36 degrees F from shipping to delivery. Every degree above the suggested range decreases the flowers’ vase life and increases respiration rate.

Your flowers could end up anywhere from a kitchen table to the hands of a bride and could be used to show sympathy, appreciation, or to cheer someone up. Thermo King is here to partner with you in making sure your flowers are ready for every occasion. We can help you select the right refrigeration tools that reduce costs and meet the needs of your business. Want to learn more? Click here to explore our extensive product offering and learn how Thermo King can help make every delivery a success.