February 25, 2021

Thermo King Launches All-Electric Refrigeration Unit


The e200 unit is operational on both electric and engine-powered vehicles

MINNEAPOLIS, February 25, 2021 — Thermo King, a leader in sustainable transport temperature control solutions, is now offering a new, fully electric refrigeration unit for small to medium-sized vans and trucks. With a unique mix of control, convenience, utilization, and reliability, the e200 is the ideal all-electric solution for electric and engine-powered trucks.

The e200 provides a unique mix of control and convenience, paired with low noise and reduced weight, and offers an attractive solution across urban settings and final mile deliveries.

Unlike typical direct drive solutions designed for diesel engines, the e200 represents the future in transport refrigeration by delivering constant capacity independent from the vehicle's engine and can work with both electric and engine-powered vehicles.

The e200’s plug-and-play solution requires no road compressor or drive kit to function. It features a power management system, which contributes to lower energy consumption, increased vehicle autonomy, and higher efficiency and reliability.

As an industry leader, Thermo King is committed to adapting technologies with zero emission and is compliant with growing regional and national regulations.

e-200 blue1.png

e200 features a host of innovations that are helping transform transport refrigeration, including:

  • A tailor-made inverter for constant capacity and exceptional operating efficiency independent of the vehicle engine.
  • A variable speed compressor for precise temperature control, decreased energy consumption, and enhanced reliability.
  • A smart controller with power management intelligence to optimize the supply and demand of power.


The e200 represents the next generation of all-electric refrigeration units. It provides our customers with refrigeration that moves beyond direct drive systems and helps them meet their sustainability targets throughout the cold chain.

Tracey Patterson,

Truck Product Manager for Thermo King

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Evolve™ Electrified Solutions

As a part of our all-electrified evolve™ line, the e200 creates refrigerated transportation that delivers food and perishable items safely with zero-emission, low noise, and maximum convenience for urban populations. Learn more about our all-electrified solutions below.
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