July 29, 2019

First Impressions


“We are firm believers in first impressions,” said Keith Harring, owner of K.L. Harring Transportation and Warehousing. “We know that our customers’ initial perception of this company is based on what they see and experience with our drivers and fleet. Both need to be top notch in terms of appearance, performance, and quality and reliability. This is a big reason why we run a 100 percent Thermo King refrigerated fleet and work hard to retain quality drivers.”

The Bethel, Pennsylvania-based trucking company specializes in extremely temperature sensitive products that require accurate temperature control not only from a product integrity standpoint but also from ever-changing regulatory and environmental requirements. Taking no chances, K.L. Harring takes pride in its fleet and strives to be on the cutting edge of technology to protect its customers’ loads.

According to Jim Gallagher, product manager at Thermo King dealership Motor Truck Thermo King, K.L. Harring is second to none when it comes to the security of their customers’ cargo. “Experience has helped them fine-tune their operations and has molded their business into what it is today.”

Thermo King has been part of Keith Harring’s career since it began in 1978 with a used Utility trailer and a Thermo King NWD30 Super unit. After 10 years as an owner-operator and learning first-hand how important initial perceptions can be, Keith knew it was time to build a company and K. L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing was formed. Initially running out of a rented garage, the company moved to its current, custom-built facility in 1988.

Today the company employs 60 people, 48 of whom are drivers, and specializes in the transport of temperature sensitive products coast to coast. Harring runs a 100 percent Thermo King fleet, just adding another seven industry-leading Precedent™ S-600 trailer units in July 2015 to its mix of 49 Kenworth model T660 and T680 tractors and Great Dane trailers.

“We have always chosen Thermo King because it’s the best transport refrigeration product on the market. It’s solid, reliable and dependable every day,” said Harring. “We love knowing what is going on in the trailer at all times, and we make it clear to our customers that we only use Thermo King units, which provides them the assurance they need as well.”

That assurance also comes from the use of telematics which includes Thermo King’s TracKing™ system, a dynamic, web-enabled trailer tracking system that provides end-to end visibility of refrigerated assets over the road, on rail cars and in the yard. Operating off a wireless communication platform, it is a flexible and comprehensive solution delivering real time and historical temperature and fleet information.

“Our use of telematics is a key way that we make our customers’ lives easier and definitely less stressful,” explained Harring. “We can give them real-time information 24-7 on cargo and location, a must when hauling temperature-sensitive commodities.”

And how about those drivers? K.L. Harring’s turn-over rate is approximately 37 percent, far better than the 90+ percent industry average. “We pay them what they are worth,” explained Harring. “We want to attract – and keep – the best, so we treat our drivers right. I’ve been blessed by amazing employees.”

The company pays competitively, guarantees 4,700 miles per week, and offers paid vacation, holidays and birthdays, as well as a nice benefit package. They also provide regular training opportunities in areas of security, the cold chain, human resources and customer service … and drivers are reimbursed for taking the time to do the training. “Our drivers are the face of K.L. Harring and Transportation. Their professionalism, training and attention to detail reflect on the entire company so we make sure they are given the tools and the incentives to embrace their responsibilities.”

With most drivers being assigned regular lanes, drivers take ownership of their routes and enjoy long-term customer relationships. They also enjoy the amenities K.L. Harring provides them for the ride, as all trucks are essentially owner operator-specified.

From Bose seats to GPS, refrigerators and more, K.L. Harring drivers are taken care of while in the cab. Thermo King TriPac™ auxiliary power units (APUs) are a big reason drivers can enjoy the creature comforts of home while on the road. Not only do the 45 TriPac units now in the fleet power up electronics and in-cab climate control, the APUs also ensure anti-idling regulations are met in various parts of the country as well.

K.L. Harring Transportation & Warehousing is located on ten acres and features an 8,600 square-foot office, a 6,400 square-foot maintenance area and a 60,000 square-foot temperature controlled warehouse. With a strong customer base throughout the U.S. and Canada, K.L. Harring has undoubtedly gone beyond a positive first impression. They have earned a reputation for quality trucks, quality drivers and quality service that have become a long-term reality.


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