July 29, 2019

Frock Bros Trucking, Inc



A 100 percent Thermo King refrigerated trailer fleet since 2003, Frock Bros. Trucking understands how protecting its assets can lead to ongoing success – for both itself and its customers. Thermo King’s SVC Guaranteed Maintenance Program was a big contributor to the company’s fleet transformation (Frock Bros. was an all competitor fleet in 1997).

“The focus on preventive maintenance increased our odds of delivering customers’ products on-time,” explained John Frock, president and CEO. In fact, its keen eye on fleet maintenance earned Frock Bros. Trucking a 97 percent on-time delivery rate and their customers’ support. “We had an edge over the competition and it gave all of us peace of mind due to the reduction in unexpected fleet issues on the road.”

In the past ten years, business has further evolved in terms of demands for accountability, food safety regulations and the ability to prove transport temperatures. “For the longest time, carriers were the scape goats for loads being turned away at the dock. Telematics are now a huge factor that helps carriers protect themselves,” said Frock. “We have chosen Thermo King’s TracKing™ web-enabled telematics system because it is ahead of the curve in terms of current and future mandates from the federal government. The technology has become part of our fleet life and has effectively removed us from the blame equation if an issue arises with a load.”

And that’s exactly what came to fruition (pun intended) recently when the temperature of a fresh lemon load was questioned. Frock Bros. was able to provide a printed, detailed report on the spot, proving the temperature range was within the customer’s parameters.

“TracKing has more than proved itself as an investment tool needed for day to day business,” said Frock. “From verifying temperature, to identifying driver/load location, to receiving auto text and email alarm code notifications so that we can locate the nearest Thermo King dealer if needed, TracKing is a technology that I can’t imagine operating without. Plus, the system really supports the SVC program as they work hand in hand to keep our fleet running reliably, reducing breakdowns that impact delivery schedules and put loads at risk.”

The New Oxford, Pennsylvania-based company truly believes that SVC and TracKing help set them apart. “With SVC, we know that our fleet operates at peak performance at all times, which allows us to better service our customers,” explained Frock. “The addition of the TracKing system to our fleet has fine-tuned the operation of our business and better supports what we offer our customers. These investments are key value propositions for us when building customer relationships.”

The investments have also come in the Frock Bros. Trucking’s fleet itself with 28 Precedent™ S-700 units being added in the past 18 months. The company runs a total of 53 refrigerated Utility trailers, all with Thermo King units and TracKing.

While a top-notch fleet, dedicated maintenance and proactive telematics technology all help reduce unexpected breakdowns, the Thermo King dealer network is the icing on the cake. Locally serviced by Motor Truck Thermo King of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Frock Bros. Trucking knows it is well taken care of from a service perspective.

“Our partners at Motor Truck Thermo King really keep us on track and take the guess work out of our fleet decisions,” said Frock. “Thermo King provides a total package, offering the best value in the unit, services and support. We get predictability of annual fleet costs and upkeep and know what to expect year to year. We also have access to the nationwide dealer network so if support is needed while on the road, we are covered.”

With 87 employees, 62 of which are drivers, the family-owned Frock Bros. Trucking has earned a reputation of superior and dependable customer service. “This is a company that is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and taking care of its fleet,” said Jim Gallagher, product manager at Motor Truck Thermo King. “They have long understood how this translates into value for the customer and cost savings to their company. Their growth and success through the years is a direct result.”

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