July 29, 2019

No Room for Error


Performance, Appearance and Service all Linked for Western Distributing Transportation

With roots that can be traced back to the post-repeal days of 1933, Western Distributing’s heritage and core leadership values have been passed down through the Guido Mapelli family, positioning the company for continued growth that has carried it into a fourth generation. From the start, quality, dependable service was a must, a tradition that is ensured by running a fleet second to none.

“In 1977, my father and current president and CEO, Vieri Gaines, purchased six brand new, top of the line Peterbilt tractors in what has become Western’s trademark blue color,” said Dino Guadagni, vice president of Western Distributing Transportation Company (WDTC). “He matched them with the industry’s best-available trailers and hired six of the most experienced drivers around, paying them salary. Running the finest, most dependable equipment attracted the dependable drivers and resulted in service levels second to none.”

That strategy has been carried out throughout the 18 business divisions that today encompass Western Distributing Company. In fact, Gaines has given new meaning to the term ‘best.’ An NHRA drag racing driver, Gaines understands that there is no room for error, in racing and in business, especially in his refrigerated division where cargo temperatures and transport time is critical.

“Early on in our refrigerated division we decided to go with Thermo King refrigeration units due to reliability, quality performance and technology. The units also bring us great re-sale value, which helps us constantly cycle in the latest, most advanced equipment. Our partnership with Thermo King continues today and we are excited to be adding 46 brand new Precedent™ trailer units to our fleet,” said Guadagni.

Precedent™ Units Offer Sleek Look, Fuel Savings and Lifelong Compliance

WDTC began testing the latest Thermo King technology last fall. Working with home dealer Thermo King of Denver, WDTC was able to add the paint, pin striping and chrome to the test units, maintaining the impeccable style that defines its fleet. “That’s the kind of relationship we have,” continued Guadagni, “Thermo King understands our values, needs and service level commitments.”

“The Precedent units have not disappointed. They are really sleek looking, and we love the optional chrome and lighting. But even more importantly, the non-expiring California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance and the fuel savings made the choice easy for us. In fact, we just recorded a 28 percent fuel savings on a beer load test with one of the new S-600 Precedent units, confirming the unit’s performance. That’s exciting. And the TracKing™ cellular tracking capability, which can be integrated with our TMW software, was an added bonus that will help us maintain the service levels we strive to withhold,” said Guadagni.

Another bonus Guadagni has learned has to do with CARB reporting requirements. As he enters his new Precedent units into the ARB Equipment Registration (ARBER) system, data automatically populates after entering the unit serial number, saving him valuable time when entering the data.

“This is because Thermo King Corporate provides unit and engine information to CARB each month for the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Report,” said Erich Lucht, Thermo King engine applications engineer. “This is a requirement of the CARB Airborne Toxic Control Measure (ATCM), which sets emissions standards for TRU equipment. We provide all TRU data so when the customer goes into the ARB Equipment Registration (ARBER) system they need only enter the serial number and the remaining TRU information auto fills, saving time and increasing data accuracy. It definitely makes customers’ lives easier. The OEM data collecting requirement has been in effect since 2012 and affects all TRUs and TRU gensets.”

Precedent S-Series models are the only trailer unit today that complies with CARB’s Ultra-Low-Emission Transport Refrigeration Unit In-Use Performance Standards (ULETRU).

The Precedent S-600 model features a greater-than-25 horsepower engine with emission control technologies that minimize fuel consumption and deliver lifelong emissions compliance. Components that put Precedent in a class by itself include microchannel condenser coils, common rail fuel injection, proven diesel direct electric, reciprocating compressor, diesel oxidation catalyst, exhaust gas recirculation, SmartPower™ temperature control in electric standby situations, fuel tank choices available with the Ultra Sonic Fuel Level Sensor to avoid out of fuel situations, and much more.

Options chosen by WDTC to further complement its custom painting and pin striping include chrome grills, LED lighting, triple combo lights, 30-gallon fuel tank to save on trailer weight and allow for better fuel economy, and the TracKing telematics system.

TracKing™ and SVC Offer Peace of Mind

Thermo King’s embedded TracKing™ REB telematics communication platform gives WDTC the ability to monitor and manage their new trailers both over-the-road and in the yard. “We like being able to check up on the refrigeration units, ensure the driver selected the right mode, and report back to the customer information such as temperature, location and delivery time,” said Guadagni. “This is another way to deliver excellent customer service.”

WDTC also benefits from Thermo King’s SVC Thermo Gard™ Assurance and its customizable fleet management options. “WDTC has been a subscriber to SVC’s Silver program for eight years. Combined with Precedent’s improved reliability and lower maintenance costs, this guaranteed maintenance program is more affordable than ever,” said Schultz.

WDTC’s refrigerated fleet consists of 168 Kenworth, Peterbilt and Lonestar International trucks and 262 Utility trailers today. The company’s success is intimately connected to quality, nice-looking equipment that attracts responsible, committed drivers, instills pride throughout the company, performs reliably and acquires a great resale price on the backend allowing the entire cycle of success to continue.

“It really comes down to sensible management,” said Schultz. “The WDTC family understands that money will be saved in the end if they run a quality fleet. They have a great retention rate because they treat employees well and give them equipment to be proud of... They enjoy a low cost of ownership because they take care of their equipment and maintain a disciplined trade cycle to ensure quality product deliveries and high re-sale values. We appreciate their trust and partnership.”


Learn more about WDTC on its website www.wdtc.net.

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Customer: Western Distributing Transportation | www.wdtc.net