Retrofit Solutions

Optimize your fleet’s efficiency and lower your operating costs. Thermo King offers retrofit solutions to enhance the performance of your exisitng marine reefer units and genset equipment.
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Future proof: Enhance the performance of your fleet

Aftermarket parts and service does not only mean maintenance and repair. You can also increase the performance of your existing fleet.

Thermo King offers the performance enhancement retrofit solutions for your existing reefer units and genset equipment versions. Optimize your fleet’s efficiency and operating costs by leveraging the latest technology and reliable solutions from present platform units.

Renew your fleet affordably with Thermo King performance enhancement kits. We can make your old units look and perform like new.


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MP4000 performance enhancement kit

The only reefer that surpasses the original, game-changing MAGNUM ™ is the MAGNUM PLUS®. Through advanced technology and focused research & development, Thermo King introduces the MAGNUM PLUS® with MP4000 controller, a new industry benchmark in efficient operation, performance, operability and reliability, designed to comply with the most stringent regulations.

Appealing, but buying new reefers isn’t the right choice for your business? We, at Thermo King, have the easy solution: you can convert your MAGNUM into a MAGNUM PLUS® unit affordably for an excellent return on investment. The MP4000 Performance Enhancement Kit is the retrofit solution that delivers great performance and decreases operation costs while prolonging the useful life of your equipment.

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Magnum energy-saving software

Imagine your MAGNUM MP3000 using a patented technology to achieve better energy savings through adaptive refrigeration control algorithms, compliant with ISO1496, like the MP4000 MAGNUM.

It’s not a dream. These benefits and operating cost reductions are now available for your MAGNUM MP3000 fleet with software updates. You’ll realise a 100% return on investment in fuel cost alone within 12 months without compromising on product quality or unit performance.


Our genuine Thermo King vacuum valve can reduce reefer box repair cost and equipment downtime

Remanufactured parts

Is your reefer not equipped with vacuum valve as a Thermo King factory option? You can still purchase Thermo King vacuum valve for your reefer containers.

Our genuine Thermo King vacuum valve can reduce reefer box repair cost and equipment downtime from repairing reefer box structure damaged by vacuum situation. It is engineered to provide optimal performance and maximum life, protect your valuable reefer container, critical cargo, and offer you priceless peace of mind.


SG3000 – EcoPower™ retrofit kit

SG3000 – EcoPower™ retrofit kit

Energy consumption and reliability are significant contributors to the total life cycle cost of a genset unit. Fuel is a significant and increasing contributor to operating cost. The SG range uses an enhanced operation mode (EcoPower™) to deliver more than 20% fuel savings, when compared with competitor products.

EcoPower™ - Proven technology and lowest total cost of ownership

EcoPower™ option with hardware and software enhancement package and Thermo King patented technology are at the foundations of SG-3000 record performances, which enable 20% extra power saving and allow greater efficiencies and fewer emissions with overall lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Enhanced operation mode allows highly efficient engine management:

  • Dramatic fuel savings
  • Low emissions
  • Extremely accurate
  • Load-independent voltage regulation
  • Convenient
  • Extremely low fuel consumption
  • Extended maintenance periods
  • Lower life-cycle costs


SG3000 – Fuel strainer retrofit kit

SG3000 – Fuel strainer retrofit kit

The fuel strainer makes the fuel delivery system more efficient and to achieve the optimal performance of the engine, and is the important component to optimize the fuel delivery system of your genset unit.

Ensure your genset unit stays running between service intervals with our fuel strainer kit.

  • Increases the engine life
  • Boosts the power of the engine
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions
  • Protects fuel injectors and fuel pumps from contaminants