SG-3500 Series Generator Sets

SG-3500 Series Generator Sets are quiet, reliable and sustainable gensets, with optional cargo tracking telematics

SG-3500 Series Generator Sets

Ultra-dependable, easy-to-use and cost-effective gensets for marine reefers

Thermo King's SG-3500 provides dependable power, enhanced sustainability, simplified controls, cost efficiency, and extended fleet visibility. If you need a highly dependable, yet simple, fuel-efficient power source for your marine reefers, the SG-3500 has you covered.

About the SG-3500 Series Generator Sets

The Thermo King marine generator set series perform a critical role across the international transport refrigeration industry.

With that, the SG-3500 occupies a critical position within our market-leading product range. Developed for marine reefers, the unit has been designed with reliability, sustainability, and user experience front of mind. NRMM and EPA compliant, and 7-year CARB-compliant, available in both clip-on and undermount versions, the SG-3500 also comes with telematics options to help extend visibility into your fleet operations.

If you need a highly dependable, easy-to-run, and fuel-efficient power source for marine reefers, the SG-3500 has you covered.

Product Features

Built for the long haul

Any generator set used to protect a client’s cargo needs to be reliable and trusted with dependable power.

  • Utilizing a high-performance engine that’s designed to run consistent and true between temperature ranges of -40°C and +50°C (-40°F and +122°F), the SG-3500 offers peace of mind for every journey.
  • With its 24.1 horsepower engine, you’ll have access to a generator set that’s able to power all ISO reefers.

Enhanced sustainability

The SG-3500 features Thermo King’s latest innovations in sustainable technology.

  • Noticeably quiet, with noise reduction capabilities that make it one of the quietest generator sets on the market.
  • The SG-3500 offers the most cost-effective generator set available for North America, Europe, and many other regions.
  • EPA Tier IV, NRMM Stage V, and 7yr CARB compliant


Equipped with a high-quality Yanmar engine, alternator, and robust frame design, the SG-3500 is purpose-built to help guarantee a long-term return on investment.

  • Lower your total cost of ownership with an electronic governor which delivers power only when needed
  • Includes a telematics option to provide detailed insights into a wide range of key operational metrics: A 360-degree view of your fleet, including location and geofencing capabilities
ConnectedSuite telematics gives you the ability to track and trace individual deliveries across your fleet.

ConnectedSuite™ intelligence capabilities

As an option to the SG-3500, ConnectedSuite™ telematics provides detailed insights into a wide range of key operational metrics. A 360-degree intelligent view of your fleet assists with GPS location, fuel monitoring, alerts, battery voltage and monitoring engine load rates, and ultimately lowers your total cost of ownership.

Putting telematics data to work gives you the ability to track and trace individual deliveries across your fleet. You’ll be able to demonstrate temperature levels, meet regulatory requirements, respond instantly to new challenges, and monitor your fleet assets in real-time.

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Unit Specs

Engine Type
2.1 L Eco-Governed (cast iron)
24.1 HP
Operational Duration
25,000 hours (with normal maintenance)
Tested to Work
​-40°F and 122°F and up to 10,000 ft altitude,  -40°C and 50°C and up to 3,000m altitude
Advanced Diagnostics
including self-check capabilities
Stable Voltage Control
​intelligent voltage regulation ensures voltage is always kept within
Power Supply
​limits set by ISO 1496,  400 Vac/460 Vac, 3-phase, 50 Hz/60 Hz, with optional 230 Vac, 3-phase 50 Hz/60 Hz


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