SLXi Local™

Urban distribution just got lighter, greener, and quieter.

About SLXi Local

When you choose a SLXi Local trailer unit, you choose  Thermo King ... an industry partner, confidant, and pioneer who is invested in your success. 

Indeed, the platform’s legacy goes back to the European SL or Slim Line refrigeration unit platform. In 2008, setting a new industry benchmark, the SLX utilized a fresh design paired with the SL’s bullet proof major components - the engine, compressor and controller - to deliver maximum performance and minimal environmental impact. The next evolution of the platform was the SLXe in 2012 followed by the SLXi in 2017, when telematics hardware was standardized. Today, the SLXi Local offers immediate advantages to urban markets in North America.


The Local Advantage

Thermo King’s SLXi Local gives the North America market several distinct – and proven – advantages in one quiet, lightweight package that has been optimized to deliver in both the PUP and full-length trailer urban food distribution markets.

Up to 243 pounds lighter than the competitor

More Pay Load, Higher Revenue

 Are you tired of seeing empty space within your trailer that could be making you money? SLXi is lighter so you can carry more cargo.

Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

6" Thinner Than the Competitor

Would you like to save money on fuel costs? SLXi is thinner so you can tighten the tractor-trailer gap and in doing so, reduce drag and save on fuel.

A cleaner, green and quieter environment

Greening Up the City

With sustainability more the norm than a trend and cities cracking down on noise pollution, the SLXi Local, is an easy solution. Cut global warming impact, produce less NOx emissions, and meet noise ordinances because of the standard Whisper® kit.

Work smarter. Not harder.

Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

Powerful Inside and Out

You insist on high standards of quality, reliability, and support for total peace of mind. We refined our design to reduce the stress on key components, extend unit life, and cut maintenance costs. SLXi’s bulletproof galvanized doors can take a hit but you’ll keep on trucking.

Don't Settle. Get a Smarter TRU

To effectively manage your fleet you need full visibility of both your unit’s location and load conditions, at your distribution center and on the move. SLXi allows you to connect anywhere, anytime. Having total connectivity means accessing the flow of critical data you need to proactively manage the complexities of a modern fleet.

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