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Maximum filter effectiveness.

Genuine Thermo King filters increase engine life and reduce operating costs while keeping your fleet running clean. Specifically designed for our units, Thermo King TriPac APU filter kits, Precedent filter kits, and SB series filter kits deliver the best lifecycle value possible. Trust only Thermo King filters to reduce operating costs while keeping your fleet running clean.

Product Features

Increase Engine Life

In laboratory and field tests conducted by Thermo King, air filters with this new filter media, deliver better engine protection by allowing less contaminant to pass through the media than cellulose air filters. The filter media in the Thermo King air filter also reaches a 99.99% initial efficiency. 

Find a list of preventitive mainteance kits in the fyler below:

Fuel Filters

Delivers Maximum Protection Through:

• Coated and lined canisters to prevent corrosion
• Patented automatic drainage returns water to fuel tank, eliminating the risk that water may enter the fuel pump and injectors
• High strength gasket that resists heat and distortion for extended seal life

Oil Filters

Delivers Maximum Protection Through:

• Robust cellulose/glass media that offers superior contaminant filtering capacity and efficiency. 
• Oil Filters were designed specifically for Thermo King applications with maximum capacity and efficiency to prevent excessive engine wear and damage
• Pantented two-stage arrangement with a built-in bypass section to remove finer contaminants. 

Air Filters

Delivers Maximum Protection Through:

• Patented build in cyclonic sparator that filters heavier particles which get automatically discharged through the evacuation valve, preventing 75% of particles from reaching media 
• Thermo King filter media holds up to five times more contaminant than standard cellulose air filters
• Build in sonic choke for intake silencing

thermo king filter

Preventative Maintenance

Increase engine life and reduce operating costs

Preventive maintenance filter kits are specifically designed for Truck, Trailer, and TriPac® to deliver the best lifecycle value possible.

Genuine Thermo King Service Parts

Thermo King, the market leader in transport refrigeration, delivers premium parts and world-class service. Watch how the parts that make up your Thermo King refrigeration unit are engineered to withstand the harshest climate condition and tested to not only meet, but exceed industry standards on durability, endurance and efficiency.

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