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Genuine Thermo King alternators are designed specifically for your demanding application.

Choose from extended life OE, or standard life plus. We have the right alternator to suit your business need.

Product Features

Standard Life Plus

  • Completely new alternators deliver reliable performance you can count on
  • Fully backwards-compatible for all applicable Thermo King units
  • 18-month parts warranty

Thermo Light Solar Panels

Extended Life OE

  • Delivers the same performance and life as factory-new Thermo King components
  • Maximum corrosion resistance with epoxy powder coat paint and stainless steel hardware
  • 2-year parts warranty

Part Number Alternator Amp
452695 Extended Life 37
452777 Standard Life 37
452697 Extended Life 65
452776 Standard Life 65
452699 Extended Life 120
452775 Standard Life 120
452668 Extended Life TriPac 65
452672 Standard Life TriPac 65
452671 Extended Life TriPac 120
452675 Standard Life TriPac 120

Genuine Thermo King Service Parts

Thermo King, the market leader in transport refrigeration, delivers premium parts and world-class service. Watch how the parts that make up your Thermo King refrigeration unit are engineered to withstand the harshest climate condition and tested to not only meet, but exceed industry standards on durability, endurance and efficiency.

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