PrimAir™ Air Management Systems for Trailers


A complete line of solutions for improving the temperature management of your cargo

Proper airflow from the refrigeration unit in a trailer is critical to ensure even temperature distribution within the trailer. Using chutes will prevent top-freeze in produce hauling, and using a return air bulkhead helps reduce the risk of short-cycling.

The full line of PrimAir chutes, return air bulkheads and insulated bulkheads can be used to ensure optimal airflow and even temperature distribution, reducing hot spots in a trailer that can negatively impact the quality of the product being transported.

Product Features

PrimAir Chute Systems Features

  • Ramped, mesh discharge end to prevent chute tear-down during loading
  • Drive rivets and spacers included* 
    •  Spacers create side-air discharge, minimizing temperature variance throughout trailer 
  • Industry-leading tear strength and tensile strength for long life and durability
  • High quality, easy-to-clean materials
  • Heavy-duty brass grommets for easy installation
  • 10 ft of velcro included on end of chute for minimizing chute damage during loading
  • Full velcro chutes feature ramped mesh end and full-length velcro for maximum protection against damage during loading
  • All adapters come standard with velcro attachment

 Why Use Chutes

  • To reduce temperature variance within a trailer
  • To prevent top freeze on produce
  • To deliver airflow throughout the trailer and ensure a consistent temperature for protection of the load
  • 3” closed-cell core that prevents bacteria growth
  • EPP foamcore is 100% recyclable
  • Integrated flexible impact liner that reduces damage during loading and unloading

*Drive rivets and spacers not included on full velcro chute.

PrimAir Air Management Products

Damper Kit

PrimAir Split Air Chute System

The PrimAir Split Air Chute System is designed to provide uniform temperature throughout the entire trailer. The unique diverter evenly distributes air to each side chute, which then guides the air to the rear of the trailer.

All components feature a USDA-approved food grade surface to help maintain a safe environment inside the trailer.


  • Chute design minimizes loading damage
  • Optimal air flow
  • More accurate temperature readings
  • Special fasteners allow for easy access to unit
  • Universal design fits most units
  • USDA-approved surface
  • 100% recyclable

PrimAir Split Air Chute System

  • 48' Vinyl - TK-RMSD48
  • 48' Mesh - TK-RMSD48MSH

Primair two piece return air bulkhead

PrimAir Two-Piece Return Air Bulkheads

Reduce short-cycling and maintain uniform product temperatures with this easy-to-use bulkhead. It takes less than one minute to remove the bulkhead to access the refrigeration unit. Replace pallet stops as needed without replacing entire bulkhead. No tools needed.


  • Patent-pending installation design
  • Pre-installed filter screen prevents debris from entering unit
  • Made from rotationally molded pure polyethylene for uniform thickness

System includes bulkhead, 2 pallet stops, mounting hardware, and filter screen. 

PrimAir Two-Piece Return Air Bulkhead

  • Bulkhead - TK-VORTEX
  • Additional Pallet Stop - VRABHDWKTPS

Temperature distribution with Primair

Thermo Light Solar Panels

PrimAir Insulated Bulkheads

The Best of Both Worlds

The PrimAir Insulated Bulkhead is designed and constructed for exceptional durability at an extremely light weight. Easy on loaders and easy on drivers.


  • 3” closed-cell core that prevents bacteria growth
  • EPP foamcore is 100% recyclable
  • Integrated flexible impact liner that reduces damage during loading and unloading
  • Heat-welded seams that seal out moisture and bacteria
  • Scuff guard minimizes damage to bulkhead
  • Zero fasteners in the impact zone eliminate damage to scuff guard
  • Limited warranty 

PrimAir Insulated Bulkhead

  • Bulkhead - TK_PRIMIAR-IB


  • Nylon Web Strep - ESTRAPKIT1REF
  • Adjustable Vent - VENT
  • Bulkhead Stenciling (10 letters) - BH-STN01


Weight: Less than 65 lbs. at a height of 102"

Primair Chutes and Adapter Part Numbers

2013064  - 43’ vinyl chute with mesh end, hardware included

2013065 -  38’ vinyl chute with mesh end, hardware included

2013066  - 43’ polyethylene chute with mesh end, hardware included

2013075 -  43’ vinyl chute with mesh end, full velcro, grommet front

2013073 -  43’ vinyl chute with mesh end, press-up style 2013077 Adapter bracket for Thermo King Precedent Units

2013083 - Press-up adapter bracket

2013023 -  10 inch offset adapter bracket for Thermo King SB and SB+ units

2013024 -  17 inch offset adapter bracket for Thermo King SB and SB+ units

2013036 -  4’ velcro strip for chutes

Genuine Thermo King Service Parts

Thermo King, the market leader in transport refrigeration, delivers premium parts and world-class service. Watch how the parts that make up your Thermo King refrigeration unit are engineered to withstand the harshest climate condition and tested to not only meet, but exceed industry standards on durability, endurance and efficiency.

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