TriPac® Evolution Diesel APU

truck apu diesel unit

The industry-leading diesel APU that delivers lower operating costs and superior driver comfort.

Built on the industry-leading TriPac auxiliary power unit (APU) and supported by the Thermo King dealer network, the TriPac Evolution raises the bar even higher with unrivaled performance, low operating costs, easy operation, and peace of mind.

The semi APU TriPac Evolution was not only designed to meet Tier IV EPA final regulation requirements, it leverages patented technologies that drive unit efficiency and user productivity. Its performance is uncompromised. The operational savings are real. 

TriPac Evolution Product Features


Drivers spend long days away from home on the road, and a comfortable sleeper is important for well-rested and safe drivers. The TriPac Evolution brings the comforts of home to wherever home is for the night. An APU system for trucks can offer virtually unlimited cooling and heating and the power to run the appliances and devices drivers require.

Attracting and retaining the drivers is a challenge but offering an APU unit for semi trucks can be a key recruitment and retention tool. There’s a reason why drivers ask for TriPac Evolution by name.


No matter the current price, fuel costs represent a significant portion of your operating expenses. Adding the semi truck APU TriPac Evolution will significantly reduce your fuel consumption - by up to 2,500 gallons per year.* The TriPac Evolution: cash flow positive from the beginning.

* Based on actual customer experiences. Reduced costs experienced by individual customers will vary.


Idling the tractor engine to provide cab power causes excessive engine wear and run time, increases maintenance costs, may lower the residual value of the tractor, and releases unnecessary emissions into the environment. Adding a truck auxiliary power unit, like the TriPac Evolution, virtually eliminates tractor engine idling, putting more money back in your pocket.

Choose the number one truck APU in the industry

The TriPac Evolution truck APU unit has virtually unlimited heating and cooling and a control system to accurately diagnose issues. The control system is flashloadable and includes a data logger. Diagnostics are improved with 22 alarm codes, and the charging system has amperage-based decision making. The system gives flexibility to users, allowing customers to focus on fuel consumption, driver comfort, or battery life.

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2,000-Hour Maintenance Interval

TriPac Evolution was designed with an unequaled 2,000-hour maintenance interval, allowing for maintenance to be performed typically only once per year, aligning better to the tractor maintenance schedule, saving time and eliminating additional downtime for APU maintenance.

Actual maintenance intervals on the TriPac Evolution are even further extended when the auto start/stop function is taken into account. This feature turns the truck APU on only when needed, saving fuel and reducing the number of hours the unit runs compared to the competition.

Configurable, easy-to-use in-cab controller

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Custom configure your TriPac Evolution

BASE TriPac Diesel APU Evolution

Provides sleeper and cab cooling/heating, battery charging with automatic voltage sensing, and has auto start/stop for maximum fuel efficiency.

  • 13,000 BTU air conditioning system including compressor, evaporator, controller (system charged with R-134A at Thermo King dealership during installation)
  • 7,500 BTU fuel-powered heater 
  • Single HVAC controller
  • 65-amp alternator
  • Thermo King DPF-compatible

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Option Ordering Guide

Driver Convenience Package

Includes 1,800-watt inverter and two receptacles. 120 amp alternator provides quicker battery charging under heavy accessory loads. Ideal for supersized sleepers and drivers with heavy appliance usage during rest periods

  • 1,000 Watt Package

Stand-by Truck Integration

Provides seamless activation of the TriPac Evolution control system based on tractor engine off/on indication.

Stand-by Truck Integration with Dash-Mounted Selector Switch

Provides the driver the ability to place the semi APU in a non-start mode (used during tractor fueling, service situations or when exiting the tractor) from the driver’s seat.

Dual Remote Hour Meter

Provides separate heater and TriPac Evolution engine time tracking for accurate and effective preventive maintenance. Allows technicians to access and record hours of operation without entering tractor cab.

Remote Engine Hour Meter

Provides engine time tracking for accurate and effective preventive maintenance.

Closed-Loop Cooling

Lets the truck auxiliary power unit run independently of tractor coolant and allows “limp home” capability in case of tractor alternator failure.


Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Certified CARB-compliant for operation in the state of California. Standard mount.

High Output Alternator

120 amp power for quicker battery charging.

Arctic Package

Monitors tractor engine coolant temperature and automatically starts the TriPac Evolution semi APU to heat the shared engine coolant. Reduces cold weather starting issues for the tractor even after extended periods of no operation in cold temperatures.

Appearance Package

The diamond plate top cover dresses up any rig, moving or standing still.

Brushed Stainless Steel Condenser Cover

Adds additional corrosion protection as well as that finishing touch.

Exhaust Tube Extension

Extension for standard short tube exhaust pipe.

Flush Mount Kits

Special mounting kit which keeps the top of the unit flush with the top of the tractor frame rail.

High Output Heater

With 13,600 BTUs of heat, this heater will keep you warm on the coldest of nights. With only slightly higher fuel consumption than the standard heater, this option is popular with drivers operating in the Northern United States and Canada.

ThermoLite Solar Panels 36w

Increase APU Efficiency with Solar Panels

ThermoLite® solar panels allow the truck APU to have healthier batteries, minimizing the engine runtime necessary and ultimately driving down fuel and maintenance expense for an outstanding ROI. ThermoLite solar panels help lower operational costs by reducing diesel APU run time by 20-30%, extending battery life to five+ years, and helping match semi APU and tractor preventive maintenance.

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