Precedent® S-700RR Cargo Rail Refrigeration Unit

Precedent® S-700RR Cargo Rail Refrigeration Unit

Precedent® S-700RR Cargo Rail Refrigeration Unit

CARB Evergreen and customizable for deep-frozen capability

The S-700RR brings deep-frozen capability and CARB Evergreen compliance to the Precedent rail-ready refrigeration platform that also delivers double-digit fuel savings.

Choose custom-configured reefer solutions for trailer on flat car/intermodal, domestic refrigerated container and steel-wheeled refrigerated boxcar applications.

About Precedent® S-700RR


  • Unsurpassed reliability in unattended rail service
  • Backed by the longest warranty in the rail industry (see your dealer for details)
  • Less maintenance - extended maintenance intervals mean less downtime and less expense
  • Expert mobile service and support nationwide from the Thermo King dealer network
  • Lower operating costs and the lowest cost of ownership
  • Gives you the capacity to handle deep-frozen loads
  • CARB Evergreen
  • No need for Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
  • Delivers double-digit fuel savings
  • Superior temperature control
  • Electronic fuel injection with real-time fuel monitoring and recording
  • >25 Horsepower 

Benefits of the Precedent® S-700RR

Thermo King cargo rail features will help you realize reduced operating costs, every day you run

Lower operating costs

The following features will help you realize reduced operating costs, every day you run:

  • SR-4 Controller with OptiSet® Plus helps ensure correct parameters are set for every load, quickly and easily.
  • EMI extended maintenance interval means longer intervals between service.
  • Low fuel warning helps prevent costly out-of-fuel shutdowns.
  • Scheduled maintenance reminder to keep unit running at peak efficiency.


Every Precedent rail refrigeration unit comes Connected from the factory powered by TracKing telematics

ConnectedSuite™ telematics

Every Precedent rail refrigeration unit comes with 24 months of complimentary TracKing telematics, making it easier for fleets to monitor and analyze their refrigerated fleet operations. Fleets can save time and money on installation and choose to enable TracKing telematics remotely, gain access to data, and focus on their business without having to take their assets out of service.

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e-Rail Safe Certified Dealers

e-Rail Safe certification is required to enter rail yards and facilities across the United States. Without this certification, access to rail yards can be denied, causing major problems for your business. If technicians cannot enter the yard, loads can be lost to unit shutdowns, costing you money and customer loyalty. Thermo King dealers are e-Rail Safe certified, allowing them to access all rail yards nationwide.

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Unit Specs

Refrigeration Capacity

Engine Power: System net cooling capacity at 100°F ambient and high-speed engine operation

Heating Capacity: System net heating capacity at 35/0°F ambient
Engine Power w/ ETV
Airflow Capacity

Volume at 0 Pa static pressure
3,300 ft3/min
Engine: Four cylinder, direct injection, liquid cooled
RPM at High Speed
RPM at Low Speed
HP Rating at 2,050 RPM
35.0 HP
Oil Capacity
12 qt
Maintenance Interval
3,000 hrs/4,000 hrs
Compressor: lightweight aluminum alloy body, heads and sump
30.0 in3

Refrigerant: Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), internationally approved
14.5 lbs
Weight: Wet with battery
1,882 lbs
50 gallon fuel tank (with bracket)
76 lbs