Thermo King Advancer S-DRC: Bigger Impact, Slim Profile

Thermo King Advancer S-DRC transport refrigeration unit

Advancer S-DRC Rail Refrigeration Unit: Moving the Legacy Forward

Built on Thermo King’s proven S-Series engine platform and equipped with cutting-edge features, the Advancer S-DRC is the first slimline transport refrigeration unit in North America that meets new California Air Resources Board (CARB) Ultra Low Emission Transport Refrigeration Unit (ULETRU) requirements and operates with improved unit performance, boosted connectivity, and increased operational efficiency.

Most importantly, this model operates with sustainability built in, so you can improve your bottom line while keeping eco-conscious business practices front and center.

From coast to coast, the rail shipping industry keeps us moving. As that momentum takes us into a more eco-friendly future, requirements focused on sustainability, compliance, and operational efficiency are more prevalent than ever. Enter: Advancer S-DRC, the slimline TRU that helps you move more goods, more efficiently, to all 50 states.

Advancer S-DRC Features & Benefits

The Advancer S-DRC was built for sustainability, delivering best-in-class emission improvements over the previous generation


The Advancer S-DRC was built for sustainability: leveraging the S-Series engine, it delivers best-in-class emission improvements over the previous generation, 42% reduction of nitric oxide, 85% reduction of carbon monoxide, & 94% reduction of particulate matter. Plus, it meets current regulations and is compliant in all 50 states.

Thermo King Advancer S-DRC features the reliable Precedent S-Series engine

Unyielding Engine Power

The Precedent S-Series engine has seen the better part of a decade in transport refrigeration service and all the reliability improvements that come with it. Dual stage fuel filtration and reliability tweaks have made this a proven, reliable platform for the Advancer S-DRC.

Advancer S-DRC allows for competitive 15-pallet capacity

Slimline Profile

The same slimline profile as its predecessor, the SLXi, Advancer S-DRC allows for competitive 15-pallet capacity and enables smooth transition to over-the-road, to simplify cross-docking operations.

Thermo King Advancer S-DRC is equipped with solar panels, Group 31 batteries for longevity and easier access to service components

Designed for Service

Equipped with solar panels to keep your telematics running, Group 31 batteries for longevity, and easier access to service components, the Advancer S-DRC keeps service at the forefront of its operation.

Advancer S-DRC comes with 4G access and 24 complimentary months of Thermo King’s telematics capabilities

Elevated Tech + Controls

4G access and 24 complimentary months of Thermo King’s telematics capabilities make it easier than ever to access predictive analytics and monitor, configure, and optimize your unit. The new Synergy controller is built with an updated on-unit digital interface and new control hardware + software for tighter temperature control and over-the-air updates to keep your unit running with the latest software.

How Can Advancer S-DRC Reduce Your Operating Costs?

Improved Fuel Economy

Leveraging our S-Series engine, new Synergy controller and new fan architecture, we have achieved a 10% fuel economy improvement over previous generations.

Shore Power Ready

As you evolve your operation, shore power can deliver the next level of operational efficiency. Integrated shore power makes it easy to take the next step.

ThermoLite® Solar

Each Advancer S-DRC will come with two solar panels as standard to extend battery life.


What is CARB ULETRU compliance?

The latest 2023 CARB (California Air Resources Board) ATCM (Airborne Toxic Control Measure) changes are driving a new level of sustainability requirements. Per CARB:

Beginning December 31, 2022, newly-manufactured truck TRUs (Transport Refrigeration Unit), trailer TRUs, and DSC TRUs shall use refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) less than or equal to 2,200, or no refrigerant at all.

Beginning December 31, 2022, model year (MY) 2023 and newer trailer TRU, DSC TRU, railcar TRU, and TRU generator set engines shall meet a PM emission standard of 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour or lower (aligns with the United States Environmental Protection Agency Tier 4 final off-road PM emission standard for 25-50 horsepower engines).

In keeping with Thermo King’s long history of meeting the demand of temperature-controlled rail operations, we continue to advance the industry forward with the Advancer S-DRC, which meets these requirements, making it approved for all 50 states.

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