April 6, 2022

Podcast: Standardizing TRUs and ePTO Technology


The future solution to Battery Electric TRU Adoption

Heavy Duty Trucking Equipment Editor Jim Park sat down with Matt Srnec from Thermo King to discuss the barriers that are facing the transportation industry and the future solutions to Battery Electric TRU (BETRU) adoption and what fleets can expect.

While the electrification of Transport Refrigeration is evolving and progressing, there are several significant barriers that still face the transportation industry. Because of these barriers it is possible that regulations will drive adoption ahead of total cost of ownership. In this podcast series, Jim and Matt discuss standardization and adoption as it applies to charging standards that already exist and the developing of standards around power sharing (ePTO) and why adoption is important and how it will benefit the transportation industry.

They also cover:

  • EV charging standards
  • Future ePTO development for tractor and trailer
  • Standardization development in-process

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