We Heard You: Thermo King re-introducing the Whisper Kit

March 08, 2022

The rumors are true!

Starting April 1, the immensely popular sound dampening option, the Whisper Kit, will be available for ordering on all Thermo King’s highly efficient multi-temp Precedent® units.

The Whisper Kit will use a custom-designed acoustic absorption material, that reduces engine noise by up to 3dBA (decibels), depending on unit and engine speed. A 3 dBA reduction is equivalent to a 50% decrease in sound energy, which is like taking two units and turning one off.

Thermo King is dedicated to creating high-quality solutions for our customers, and there is no better way to understand the pain points they face than listening.

This is why we brought the Whisper back–our customers asked for it. The Whisper Kit will allow Thermo King customers to reduce the noise pollution that their day-to-day operations create, benefitting businesses, drivers, and communities. Noise pollution has become increasingly regulated–only 35 cities (7%) of the largest 500 cities in the US do not have any noise ordinance policy in place today.

The Whisper Kit will also save fleet owners time and money.

It can be ordered as a factory option or installed on existing units in the field at a Thermo King dealer. Compared to external noise containment options—like concrete sound barriers which often require significant capital investments, the Whisper Kit is significantly more cost-effective. This means fewer noise complaints, more comfortable employees, and quieter communities, all while maintaining the bottom line.

Talk to a Thermo King dealer today to learn more about how the Whisper Kit can benefit your business.