October 26, 2021

Thermo King at APTA TRANSform Conference and EXPO


Thermo King, a worldwide leader in sustainable transport temperature controls solutions, will showcase new products and innovations, including the new Air Purification Solution for public buses and the new Next Generation All-Electric HVAC system.


“At Thermo King, we take pride in our innovative and sustainable solutions that help our customers deliver safe, efficient, and comfortable public transit environments,” said Neil Tamppari,

Director Bus HVAC with Thermo King Americas. “Through our Air Purification Solutions and Next Generation All-Electric HVAC system, we help create a safer and more comfortable rider experience that also supports sustainability goals. We look forward to showcasing both innovative products in person at the APTA EXPO.”


Thermo King Air Purification Solution

Mass transit bus riders and employees need to feel confident that the indoor air quality (IAQ) does not pose a risk to their health. As a demonstrated leader in the bus industry, Thermo King understands that many strategies can be used to improve IAQ and mitigate the negative effects of pollutants and airborne contaminants.

Thermo King’s exclusive Air Purification Solution is integrated in the bus heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit. The solution leverages a filter, paired with an innovative cleaning technology, to capture and deactivate certain viruses, like the virus that causes COVID-19*, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds as the air is exchanged. It was tested extensively by an independent laboratory following guidelines of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“Public bus transit is a major driver of economic stability in cities across the U.S., with millions of people who rely on it every day,” said Karin De Bondt, President of Thermo King Americas. “As passengers feel comfortable resuming public transport, they will have greater access to jobs and schools, supporting economic mobility across socioeconomic groups. Resumption of public transport also lowers the carbon footprint, supporting more sustainable cities.


The Next Generation of All-Electric Bus HVAC
Many public transit authorities have an interest in introducing or expanding their use of zero-emission electric buses. This move does not come without its own set of challenges, and battery range is top of mind for most authorities. As transits move to all-electric bus fleets, the need to reduce power consumption by the HVAC system has become more apparent. Traditionally, the HVAC system is one of the largest electrical loads on a transit bus, requiring as much as 40% of the total available electrical energy.

Thermo King has launched a Next Generation All-Electric HVAC system that utilizes a single horizontal variable-speed compressor to provide up to 25% more capacity and efficiency than current Thermo King electric HVAC systems. The single variable speed compressor eliminates the need for a second compressor and allows for a wider frequency range of 25 Hz to 90 Hz. This generates more power only when needed, saving energy.


Other features include:

  • Utilizes variable speed condenser fans – reduces energy consumption without sacrificing airflow.
  • Reduced noise for a quieter and more comfortable riding experience for customers.
  • Improved battery coolant temperature control.
  • Battery Chiller integral to the HVAC unit – eliminates additional compressor and coil, and reduces parts replacement, maintenance, and service costs.
  • Increased temperature control throughout the bus cabin.

“Thermo King’s Next Generation All-Electric HVAC system provides one of the most efficient and highest-capacity all-electric units to meet the challenge of any transit’s desire to grow in the electric space,” said Jody Carr, Bus HVAC Product Manager for Thermo King Americas. “This product is also an integral step into the future for Thermo King and is part of the evolveTM portfolio.”

Learn more about the Next Generation Electric HVAC, the evolve portfolio, and the new Air Purification Solution.

The APTA TRANSform Conference and EXPO take place November 7-10 in Orlando, FL. Thermo King will be at booth #1860.




*Additional background on independent tests:

  • Thermo King’s Air Purification Solution was tested at airflow rates that simulate the air changes per hour common in transit buses.
  • The independent laboratory tested multiple types of contaminants, including viruses and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • While not tested against COVID-19 specifically, the lab used MS2 Bacteriophage, a common surrogate used for the SARS-CoV-2 virus known to cause COVID-19.
  • All test results were processed and validated by a third-party industry expert who is also an ASHRAE fellow and a member of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force.
  • Thermo King’s solution was proven to be 98% effective within 20 minutes of turning on the device.
  • Thermo King’s Air Purification Solution should be used in conjunction with guidelines from the CDC and other health authorities such as face coverings and social distancing.
  • In-bus tests were conducted in May 2021 by the same independent third party as the original in-chamber tests.