May 17, 2021

Leader Perspectives: We Innovate for our Customers and our Communities

dhand hero.png

Dominic Hand is Vice president of IT and Connected Products for Thermo King Americas, a division of Trane Technologies.

Innovating for our customers and our communities is not new for Thermo King. Our company was created by innovation and it is who we are.

The invention of transport refrigeration by our very first electrical engineer, Fredrick McKinley Jones, revolutionized the cold chain at a time when it was needed to transport medicine, blood plasma, and food during World War II. And today, we continue to innovate for many of the same reasons. We believe it is our obligation to use our innovation capabilities to deliver the most basic of needs and solve our biggest challenges, while making our world more sustainable and enjoyable for everyone. 

Thermo King is in a unique position of having the technologies, the people, and the relationships needed to reduce food loss and hunger, improve air quality inside and out, get vaccines and medicines safely to where they are needed, and help create a better world.

I am proud to be part of a company who is truly making a difference in ways far beyond transporting temperature-sensitive goods. This includes the development of new digital solutions to harness the power of data. Through the analytics and automation, we help our customers save time and fuel, while increasing uptime to better protect precious cargo, passengers and the environment.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with the team that introduced a new way to protect transit bus passengers from dangerous pathogens. The new product reduces viruses and other pathogens in the air as it goes through the Thermo King HVAC system, building confidence among riders as we work toward our new normal.

I can’t help but wonder how pleased Mr. Jones, whose birthday we celebrate on May 17, would be of the company he helped create … a company that has stayed true to its mission of innovation. At Thermo King, we innovate for our customers and our communities. We innovate for a more sustainable future.