May 11, 2021

Are You Prepared for the Unexpected?

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Thermo King’s stand-alone deep-cooling freezers can quickly become the hero in healthcare settings when life-saving medicines are at risk

One important learning that the entire world has realized throughout the past year is risk mitigation. From washing hands, physical distancing, face coverings, and more, most everyone will forever have simple hygiene lessons ingrained into their daily routines. Similarly, as COVID-19 vaccines have rolled out, risk mitigation measures have become common discussions among those manufacturing, transporting, and storing these valuable pharmaceuticals as just one temperature excursion – at any point in the cold chain, could potentially spoil an entire lot.

While hospitals and clinics have always had to ensure that the vaccines and medicines being stored in-house are temperature-protected to safeguard patient distribution, the sporadic supply of coronavirus vaccines – and urgency to inoculate large populations quickly, has drastically escalated the importance and in some cases, has exposed concerns and left some scrambling when the unexpected occurs.

Take for example some recent news headlines:

When a hospital refrigerator in Seattle broke, nurses gave 1,600 vaccine shots to anyone they could find.”

1,900 COVID vaccine doses ruined by loose freezer plug at Massachusetts VA hospital.”

Texas official scramble to administer 5,000 COVID vaccines after power loss.


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Preparing for the unexpected

Dependable storage solutions – and cold storage contingency plans that include emergency generators and backup refrigeration, are a must for all hospitals and healthcare providers. The risk of lost product from both a patient efficacy and financial standpoint is simply too great to take chances.

The SuperFreezer container is one of Thermo King’s end-to-end transport and storage solutions and can provide storage temperatures as low as -70C and hold up to 60 times more pharmaceutical vials than traditional reach-in freezers. This multipurpose refrigerated container is plug and play with a 360-500 Volt 50 or 60 Hz power supply and offers medical sites another option in refrigerated – or frozen, storage. Protecting valuable pharmaceuticals, blood plasma and more, the SuperFreezer is part of Thermo King’s proven portfolio of Cold Storage Solutions.



Mobile Clinics, Vaccine Distribution Centers? No Problem!

The unexpected may also come in the form of natural disasters or mobile inoculation clinics to meet varying community or population needs. Doubling as a transport container, the SuperFreezer can be moved to different locations while providing reliable temperature control that is safe, secure, and monitorable.

As a hospital or healthcare provider, you are in the business of protecting patients. Ensuring the safety and efficacy of the pharmaceuticals you administer is vital, and it starts with dependable cold storage. We’ve been ensuring proper storage and transport temperatures of valuable products for more than 80 years.

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